Veteran Travels Cross Country To Visit Father’s Grave

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Vietnam veteran Charles Peters is traveling across the country in a wagon pulled by two mules. He's on his way to see his father`s gravesite for the first time.

He is from the small town of Owosso, Mich.

Peters made this trip last year, but while in the River Valley an accident put him in the hospital.

Now, he's on a mission.

“My mission is to make it to my father`s gravesite in Okemah, Okla. I`ve never been to his grave I want to go to his grave and tell him thank you pop,” said Peters.

On July 24, 2013 near Highway 64 in Ozark Peters said he was involved in an accident.

“I was hit in the rear by a pickup truck and it killed both mules and broke my ribs," Peters said.

That wasn't the only thing doctors diagnosed Peters with.

“You have kidney cancer and I said great,” Peters said. “They said that`s not usually the response we get and I said yeah but now I know I have it.”

So close to his father's gravesite Peters mission came to an end.

“It`s just unreal," Peters said.

With two new mules, a new wagon, and one cancer free kidney the mission picked up again.

“It`s kind of like Forest Gump I just took off one day for a mule ride,” Peters said.

The 900 mile ride is taking Peters about three months.

“I`m going three mph, I see everything and everybody. Smell everything sometimes that`s good sometimes not.”

Peters said there is no schedule or rules.

With his mission comes a message. It's all about making friends and thanking veterans for their service.

Peters hopes to visit his father’s grave in the next few days.


  • sooner fan

    Hope you make it this time. I rember your trip last year. That was so sad. So Good Luck this year. Sorry to hear about your health issues. May God Bless You and Be With You on this trip.

  • Gail

    He’s a very nice fellow, but when you are coming around a curve or over a hill and come upon his wagon going that slow it’s just a very dangerous mix. My husband almost ran into him on Hwy 64 when driving a hill with a curve. Luckily there was no on coming the other way so he was able to swerve to the left and miss him

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