Fans Make Noise At The “Loudest Hole On The LPGA Tour”

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People may think of golf as a quiet sport, but on hole 17 at the Pinnacle Hills Country club, LPGA fans are anything but quiet.

Dan McCreedy has been a spectator at hole 17 for the last three years. Early Friday afternoon, McCreedy said the crowd wasn't near as loud as it would be later.

"Wait until you see Michelle Wie and Stacy Lewis," He said, "It's not going to be quiet!"

McCreedy said he likes being able to yell and whistle instead of whispering and quietly clapping out around the course.

"It's the difference," McCreedy said, "And you can hear it right now…and that's the whole thing, you get to participate in the sport without actually playing it."

Professional golfers knowswhat the fans want at the "loudest hole on the tour"; they often throw free memorabilia and get into the action.

"You know, it's the interaction with the players that really makes it," McCreedy said.

Carla Baum drives from St. Louis to Rogers every year for the tournament. She said normally her and her friends walk around the course following one particular golfer. She said this is her first year at hole 17.

"You create your own esprit de corps," Baum said, "Where when you're walking around the course, you may or may not get to know anyone."

The first timer said she is most excited for when the big names in women's professional golf tee off at the loudest hole on the tour.

"It'll be fantastic particularly since Stacy went to school here, and Michelle Wie just won the Women's US Open," Baum said, "You have the number one player and the latest winner, it's going to be wild."

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