Fayetteville Joins Effort To End Veteran Homelessness By 2015

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A nationwide initiative to end homelessness among veterans has arrived in Arkansas.


The effort is now receiving funding in the Little Rock area, and into Fayetteville.


The United States Housing and Urban Development office has announced that they will donate $140 million to homeless assistance programs across the country.


One homeless assistance program in Fayetteville will be sharing a near-half million dollar grant with three other programs in Arkansas, in an effort to end homelessness among veterans.


"They need to be treated with the dignity they deserve as people that served our country" said Mayor Lioneld Jordan.


Statistics show that 25 percent of homeless citizens in America once served in the armed forces.


Mayors in cities across the United States are joining in an effort to end homelessness among our veterans.


"We have an issue here that needs to be addressed, and we are going to address that issue,” Jordan said.


Fayetteville signed on to the initiative. He believes that the city, with proper funding and action, could end homelessness among veterans by 2015.


"I always believe the glass is half full, and I believe we are going to accomplish that," Jordan said.


Brian McAnally works in Fayetteville’s Homeless Veterans Program. He says the initiative has the right idea.


"I think it's a good goal. I think that if you're going to set a goal, you might as well set the goal to end it," McAnally said.


The goal is to have all veterans in housing and with jobs by the end of next year.


"It would be challenging to meet that by 2015, but I think we can make a dent in the homeless population in Northwest Arkansas if we all work together," McAnally said.


And with continuous help from both federal funding, and help from the community, mayors across the United States hope to have homelessness among children, families, and youth ended by 2020.

"Any person we take off the streets is a victory" McAnally said.


The initiative was started in 2010 when President Obama, and 19 federal agencies and offices from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, began their strategies to prevent and end homelessness across the country.


Fayetteville mayor Loineld Jordan says he encourages other mayors across the nation to join this effort, as he hopes Fayetteville will only be one of many cities in Northwest Arkansas to join the effort.


  • Nark-ansas

    Just the veterans though, the rest of them can suffer. The rest of them just “want to be homeless”… The other homeless people are just lazy bums that should just go get a job tomorrow and an apartment by Monday.

    • Nark-ansas

      Veterans are the only ones that deserve help. The rest of them should snap their fingers and come up with deposit on an apartment… Especially the convicted felons that are homeless, they should just go get an apartment tomorrow. Nevermind the fact that s.h.i.t.h.o.l.eslumlords like lindseys wont rent to a felon. And the felons that only get per month for disability, nobody will rent them an apartment because they dont qualif

      • Nark-ansas

        Nevermind the fact that s.h.i.t.h.o.l.e slumlords like lindseys wont rent to felons….and a felon on disability doesnt qualify

        for hud… I cant wait until the dollar colapses. I want to see all of you greedy p.i.g.s. To scurry around and scavenge for rotten vegetables the way poor people do everyday. America deserves whatever they get.

      • Sarah 300

        The recidivism rate for felons is extremely high. If they have no job, if they have no family support, if they have no where to live, generally they commit a crime because once again they have a place to lay their head at night, food, etc.

        Programs like the VETERAN’s program is wonderful, but other segments of society are real people trying to get ahead in the world and a door slams in their face no matter what they do.

        Excellent programs are in Nevada and New York plus a few other states that work very hard to put released felons into successfully back into society.


  • Nark-ansas

    Everybody in this little dump town wants so bad to be progressive . Truth is this is just a little hick town. If they were really concerned about homelessness they would have places where convicted felons could rent apartments.. They would help all homeless people, not just the ones that the media tells them it is politically correct to help.

    • Sarah 300

      Mr. Nark-Arkansas: We can all learn something from these comment sections. I have taken items to the homeless but they were less than forthcoming on their reason for being homeless. Click the link to watch the video. All true statements.


      This is an excellent video pertaining to landlord rights, which in Arkansas goes way too far and is duly protected by the laws of Arkansas.  Landlords do not have to keep up homes in some areas that do not have codes like Fayetteville.  This is shameful.

      What is your suggestion for housing for former felons? We have many government owned buildings are being paid for by taxpayers that could be made useful with minor modifications. We have trailers sitting down in southern Arkansas (I think they are still there) that the previous President purchased for the Hurricane Katrina victims but were found to be not useful for full time living. Yet, they would be better than being homeless. There are many ideas although I would lean to half-way houses so felons could eventually better themselves and live successful lives.

      With a little thought, a few letters, you could reach many people and aid them. It starts with you.
      The same can be done for VETERAN’s.

    • Tom

      Progressivism is a disease. If you don’t like this “hick town” then remove your a** from here and take the other liberal scum with you.

  • Nark-ansas

    I hope this offends someone. It just validates my belief about how stupid society really is.. To say “you dont like america, then get out”… I would love to but they
    would extradite me back.

  • Richard S. Drake

    I agree that more should be done to help EVERYONE who is homeless, including our friends who have been in prison. But before you get your jollies carping about how ” . . . Everybody in this little dump town wants so bad to be progressive . Truth is this is just a little hick town,” maybe you should consider just how little the other communities in NW Arkansas are doing about this.

  • matt

    Go to Iraq, or Syria. I hear they are recruiting weak minded people. Fayetteville AR will not miss you. When will you dregs leave??

    • Nark-ansas

      Good little sheep. Keep paying your taxes. Keep worshiping the super bowl and the razorbacks.keep going to your dooshey lil bars and restraunts and keep watching your sitcoms. Thank god for people like you. Keep generating revenue, thats all your good for.

  • Felonville, Arkansas

    Everyone should feel bad for the convicted felon who put himself in the situation by assulting and/or robbing someone who had something they didn’t..

    • Nark-ansas

      Yes, especially the ones that didnt have p.t.a c.e.o fathers and soccer moms.. Especially the ones that were raised in homes that wouldnt even register near the bottom of the poverty level in criminal environments exposed to drug abusing parents.. Especially the ones that committed victimless drug crimes.. Dirty felons.. They should just put them on a boat and sail them on the general direction of Cuba… Baseball and Apple pie.

    • Nark-ansas

      Because if they are felons they dont deserve a place to live. They deserve to go to every single slumlord and apartment complex/leasing office and pay application fee after application fee and be repeatedly turned down. They should after sleep in their car and brush their teeth in gas station bathrooms because nobody will rent them an apartment.. Dirty felons.. They deserve to be discriminated against.. Maybe if nobody will rent to them maybe they will just move out of fay(g)etteville. Right?

  • Donnie J.

    Have you met the program manager/supervisor? Her name is Shirley Thurston and she has got to be one of the dumbest people I ever met. She flat out lied to my fathers face about his benefits then told us on the phone she didn’t say that. Stay away from her! She needs to be reported!

  • Less Holmes

    What’s up with the guy at the front desk of the homeless department. I think his name is Ricky or Riccardo. I was in there the other day and I swear I thought the guy was dead? Then he blinked and mumbled something about his scooter being broke and that he was sad about it because he had diarrhea. The dude made no sense…and looked dead.

  • Howard Stern

    Look at the bright side; at least they don’t have to get up early and go to work. Luckeeeeee!

  • Tom

    End veteran homelessness by 2015? A pipedream. Arbitrary deadlines never work, but you can’t tell a liberal that. They are programmed to sell you a bill of goods. Charlatans, all of them.

  • Arkajun

    Dang liberals are at it again, giving away all my hard-earned money. I have an idea that will get veterans off the street. It’s giving them a job. Give them a job so that can but their own home thru the GI Bill. Let them do something to believe in American again….most are disenchanted with their military service, are treated like dirt by liberals by the chose to serve their country, and are questioning why the even bothered to serve. So liberals, don’t throw and new house at them….”Give a man a fish, you feed him for the day. Teach that man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

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