Operation Dry Water Takes Off

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As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, officers with Arkansas Game and Fish are out in full force through Operation Dry Water.

It’s all to beef up security for boaters.

They are educating the public on the dangers of boating under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Authorities said alcohol use is the biggest factor in recreational boater deaths across the country.

Operation Dry Water started Friday (June 27) and runs through Sunday (June 29).

5NEWS participated in a ride along with officers.

Click the video above for more.


  • matt

    Anyone remember game wardens? These guys today are just law enforcement on water. I got checked the other day when I was hitting the banks on my boat trying to pick up stragglers. Had two armed officers approach me on open water for a safety and compliance check. Everything was in order not in any violation. They turned a blind eye to the bank where I saw Illegals pulling out 3-5 inch bluegill and crappie and just throwing them on the bank. Never checked their fishing licenses, or criminal background like they did me and my buddy. I remember when unarmed game wardens would check on you and all they asked for was your fishing or hunting license. Miss those days, now you have two guys in para-military body armor with guns on their hips bothering you. Enjoy the holiday weekend just make sure you have a sober boat driver and no glass bottles, pour the wine or drink in a cup and the water cops cant do anything.

    • Tom

      If by “illegals; you are referring to the foreign invaders flooding into our country, they get a free pass courtesy of Obama and his criminal liberal friends. Your country won’t be yours very much longer and this fishing story will be nothing compared to what’s coming.

  • matt

    I know Tom trust me I know. Just loved how they I don’t know how to put this right but profiled me a legal law abiding citizen and turned a blind eye to the invaders.

  • Luke

    I know what you mean. Had a couple of game wardens bothering me the other day. I was running a trot line and all they were worried about was if I had been drinking. Did not even check my live well or fishing license. I thought their primary job was to protect fish and wildlife. Not harass people about everything else.

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