Rogers Woman Survives Bear Encounter In Colorado

A woman from Rogers was attacked by a bear near her home in Colorado. Her quick reactions to the attack may be what saved her life.

“The first thing i thought was ‘I’m not going to play dead’, because she was charging,” said Libby Swenson, a Rogers native.

Swenson was on a jog through the mountains of Colorado when a bear suddenly started chasing her.

“Her nose [wasn’t] far from my feet,” Swenson said.

Swenson ran from the bear, climbing up a tree in hope of avoiding tragedy.

“She stood on her hind legs, and was trying to bite me” Swenson said.

Screaming and kicking, Swenson was able to fight the bear off.

Swenson was born and raised in Rogers, where her parents still live.

“It scared us to death,” said Bob Crafton, Libby’s father.

Bob and Bonnie Crafton received a call saying their daughter had been chased by a bear.

“To think she came very close to dying, was very sobering and very shocking,” said Bonnie Crafton, Libby’s mother.

When Libby moved to Colorado and took up running, the Crafton’s were worried about animals attacking their daughter.

But, they always assumed it would most likely be a mountain lion that would attack.

“I had already worried about her running by herself,f” Bonnie said. “It had never crossed my mind that it would be a bear.”

The Crafton’s say they were rattled by the attack, even though their daughter was so far away from home.

“Just the thought of something happening to her would have been devastating to us,” Bob said.

Libby was able to scare the bear away, only suffering injuries from climbing the tree.

“It’s really miraculous. I think that God helped her,” Bonnie said. “Plus, the adrenaline kicked in, I’m sure, and caused her to do something that seemed impossible. “

The Crafton’s say they don’t see their daughter as much as they would like to. But, they both agreed, the next time they see her, they’ll treasure the moment all that much more.

“It’s going to be a greeting that we will appreciate more than we ever have. Realizing how closely we came to losing her,” Bonnie said.


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