Indiana Police Officer Keeps Job After Pushing Over Man In Wheelchair

A police officer from Lafayette gets to keep his job despite a recommendation that he be fired after video showed him knocking over a man in a wheelchair, according to affiliate station WXIN.

The incident occurred on Oct. 1, 2013, and involved Lieutenant Tom Davidson and 25-year-old Nicholas Kincade, according to WXIN.

“Police were called to the area after receiving reports that Kincade was armed with a gun near a charter school. Police didn’t find a firearm and said Kincade had a pocket knife that he carries for protection,” WXIN reported.

Kincade was told to leave by police, and he was preparing his backpack and chair to vacate the area as requested when he rolled forward and ran over Davidson’s foot. After that, the officer pushed Kincade and the wheelchair, causing it to tip over and Kincade to fall out and onto the street, according to WXIN.

Read the full story on our affiliate station’s website WXIN – Channel 59 by clicking here.


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