Police: Man Wrestled Over Gun With 14 Year Old, Struck Wife With Pistol

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A Prairie Grove man is behind bars after police say he wrestled over a gun with a 14 year old and struck his wife with a pistol.

Shane Hankins, 42, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of aggravated assault, terroristic threatening, endangering the welfare of a minor and domestic battery. He remained Friday in the Washington County Detention Center without bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

A woman told police she and Hankins got into an argument, during which the suspect pulled a .22 pistol out of his pocket and told her they were not going to get a divorce, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

Hankins said he would shoot them both before he would let her divorce him, the report states.

The woman then yelled to her son across the hall. He came into the room and tried to wrestle the gun away from Hankins. The suspect dropped the gun a few times, but regained control, according to the preliminary report.

Hankins then yelled at the woman and jabbed her on the left cheek under the eye with the gun’s barrel before walking out of the house, the report states.

The woman was not hospitalized. Hankins was arrested by responding officers.


  • Sarah 300

    Duh! Did Mr. Hankins think a pistol to the face would persuade his wife to stay with him? His thinking is askew.
    Maybe men should ask their wives what the wife would like to improve their marriages before it is too late.

  • Sunny Hollywood

    oh thats real smart call your son in and take a chance of him being harmed ..real smart . why not have the son call the police and stay back or run for help ..mother of the year i think not !

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