Candlelight Vigil And Balloon Release Honors Memory Of Jamie Plum

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Friends and family are set to hold a candlelight vigil and balloon release in Alma on Saturday (July 5).

The vigil, set to start at 8 p.m. at the high school track, is being held to honor 19-year-old Jamie Plum.

Earlier this week, Plum was found buried in a shallow grave near Rudy, Ark.  Authorities said he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest.

Half-brothers Nicholas Barrows and Jonathan Bridgewater were arrested in connection with Plum’s death.  Police said they are facing charges of first degree murder.




  • Faith

    So I was checking out their Facebook pages and….. Apparently these two loser brothers were under the impression that he had stole stuff out of their bedroom while hanging out. The victim denied this repeatedly and even mentioned the name of someone he thought actually did it. The rest of the feed alternates between him running errands with his dad and posting messages inviting the two idiots threatening him to feel free to come over, fight, and get their butts kicked whenever they get ready. I guess the childish little cowards decided to take him up on that offer and shot him. It is absolutely ridiculous to kill over words but then again most murders are carried out for ridiculous reasons.

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