Man Injured In Scott County Hit And Run

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One man is injured after an accident in Scott County early Saturday (July 5) morning.

A vehicle struck a man near Highway 28 East in Harvey-Nola just after midnight, according to Arkansas State Police.

Police said they believe a pickup truck hit the man.

The name of the victim has not been released and his condition is unknown at this time.

Police said they are not sure if the incident was an accident or if it was on purpose. The incident is still under investigation.

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  • martha

    why wasn’t the lady with him arrested also…….since she was in the truck she should be an accomplice

  • Eburnett93

    I agree with Martha, she should be arrested also. The victim is my cousin and is im very critical condition! Their kids wittnessed their mom & her boyfriend intentionly run over their fathers head! Prayers for my cousi n & his kids during this horible ordeal!?!?

  • Marguritia Hawkins

    They are still pending the autopsy, the ME’s report, and is still under investigation according to the prosecutor when I spoke with him.

  • abby

    its taking them a long time… shouldn’t the police dept have picked both of them up when he passed away on murder charges instead Donnie is still only charged with assault and battery ….REALLY.

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