Youth Compete In Daisy National BB Gun Championship

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Youth from across the United States are in Rogers this weekend, competing for gold in the art of shooting and handling BB guns.

To some, it is the Super Bowl of BB gun shooting.

"It’s a pretty big deal, especially for the kids," said Jason Koehlmos, a parent from Nebraska.

Kids from across the country, both boys and girls, go head-to-head in a weekend-long competition.

"A lot of these kids better handlers with firearms than most adults are," saod Howard Baker, n active member and coach at the event for 35 years.

Marksmanship is a big factor to winning it all, but safety is more important according to officials.

"It's not just about shooting,” said Ray Hobbs, CEO of Daisy, the host of the event. “A lot of what they talk about, and have to study for in this test, talks about shooting safety rules.”

Shooters are also tested heavily on their knowledge on safely handling their weapon.

"To teach gun safety, proper gun handling, the way you deal with a gun, is extremely important,” Hobbs said.

Shooters are graded both on their shooting accuracy on the range, as well as on safety in a multiple question test.

"Knowing how a gun operates makes it safer," Baker said.

"The good thing about this program is it teaches discipline, it teaches respect,” Hobbs said.

According to Hobbs, this event means a lot for the Rogers based company.

"The Daisy National BB Gun Championship is our number one marketing program, because it reaches kids all over the country,” Hobbs said.

For those kids competing, this event provides many rewarding opportunities.

"It’s not the gold medal around your neck, or a third place trophy,” Baker said. “It's your own personal goal you've set in your mind. That once you achieve it, it's just phenomenal."

Shooters will be treated to a water day at the Rogers Water Park, which will be followed by a private fireworks show.

This year is the 49th year the competition has taken place.

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