Former Fort Smith Policeman Sentenced To 5 Years For Sexual Assault Of Teen

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Billy Rowe, a former Fort Smith police officer, was sentenced on Monday (July 7) to five years in prison after being convicted of the second-degree sexual assault of a teenager, officials said.

Rowe was sentenced in Sebastian County Circuit Court before Judge Steve Tabor. The former officer also is required to register as a sex offender.

Rowe, 31, of Bonanza earlier pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault,court records show. He was accused of having sex ith a teenager he met at a summer church camp, according to court documents.

Rowe was a counselor at a church camp in July 2013, when he began the relationship with the 16-year-old girl, court documents state.

Rowe had sex four times with the teen in Sebastian County outside the Fort Smith city limits, according to court documents.

On another occasion, Rowe, while on duty, performed a “deviate” sex act on the victim within Fort Smith city limits when she was with him participating in the department’s ride-along program, according to court documents.

The sexual encounters are believed to have begun in July and ended in August, investigators said.


  • Fan100

    I hope he does!! He isn’t a ba person people make mistakes I’m sure you have made mistakes nobody is perfect maybe you should know that the “teenager” that this happened with is far from innocent she is dirty!! There is two sides age doesn’t mean anything!

  • Byra Burke

    I am sorry. There are two sides to every story and I do not know him, but I hope he does not have to serve the full five years. The teenager did not say she was raped.

  • Fan100

    Because she wasn’t nor was it forced by him! She is let’s say a little to mature and dirty for get age I know for a fact, he is my family and I know the girl personally she is very bad and I wish I could plaster her face all over the media like they are doing him! She is FAR from a innocent child!

  • DP

    She was 16! My god people, listen to yourselves. He knew better regardless of how dirty this girl is; end of story. She is 16 and a child. He is 31 and in a position of authority & knew the possible consequences of his actions. 16 is 15 years younger than 31; and still protected by the law as a child until the age of 18. Regardless if she was willing; he knew better and is now paying for it. Good day! :)

    • DP

      Oh! Wait a minute. He was 30 when it occurred and she was 16; only 14 years her senior. Good thing this predator recruited his young victim at a church camp or the story would have been way worse than it sounds.

    • Get Real

      You should take a page out of your own book DP, and listen to yourself. The only law the cop broke was being a cop. The legal age of consent for sexual contact in AR is 16. The only reason the charge is sexual assault, or any charge at all is, the guy was a cop. Rowe may be technically guilty, but there are two sides to every story, apparently no force was used, and anyone believing a 16 year old is a child needs to grow up themselves. For Charlie Brown and the rest of the lynch mob, he will have to serve a minimum of 70% of his sentence.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Hey, GET REAL, happy to see you defending this P.O.S.!

        While you’re on here, ya might wanna go post your defenses for the California Highway Patrol filmed beating up that woman on the side of the road and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol who got drunk and hit a boat.

        Maybe that woman mouthed off at the CHP and we all know that deserves a good beatin’, right?

        And maybe that boat was posing a threat to some innocent children so the officer took it out with a “Pittman” maneuver then, having worked up a fierce thirst from his unappreciated but heroic and selfless actions, someone offered him a glass of what he thought was ice-water only to later realize that he was set up by evil cop-hating communists.

        Sounds as plausible as your other defenses. Can’t wait to hear from ya :)

  • Charles T Brown

    The City of Fort Smith PD claims Motorcycle gangs are a threat to our local area. So what is the PD threat to our local area. How many times again and again a Ft Smith PD has had a employee break the law? Think about the comments on this story and how they side with the 31 year old sexual assaulting a 16 year old teenager. Motorcycle clubs vs. Fort Smith Police which one is in the news more for a crime?

  • Fan100

    He knew the girl before church camp.. And she leured him in threatening him it was not a normal situation she has been with numerous grown men her mother knew about the whole thing and I hope that somebody years into her which may be me! Stay out of stuff if you don’t know what’s going on if it was going on in your family I’m sure you wouldn’t want random people talking shit about your family member when you know that that person is really partially innocent! Have a heart and stop being so quick to judge people you don’t even know!!! Think of how you would want things done if the shoe was on the other foot!!!

    • Richard

      I hope they tattoo the word “COP” on his forehead before releasing him into the inmate population. Then justice will really begin.

  • Charlotte Johns

    If everything is true, then I do hope he serves his time. What I am more concerned about is the public viewing of an already stretched, stressed but generally good ran department will already be even more stained by this. But less face it, that won’t happen. They are starting now to put more headlines of police officers and dispatchers doing their job well, but they are still few and far between. I’ll bet anyone reading this that they would be surprised to say the least to find out what the police have to do for a job if they ever went on a ride along. But most everyone won’t, because they don’t want to know the truth.

      • Sarah 300

        The point you are missing is this guy is a POLICE OFFICER. He swore am oath to uphold the laws of the city. He broke the law so he goes to jail. So simple. The sixteen year old and any actions she took do not matter. She is SIXTEEN and he was a POLICE OFFICER. Connect the dots sweetie.

  • Justice

    How do you know for a fact Fan100, were you sitting beside them laying in the church floor watching the young teen being penetrated by a Police Officer? And I’d so where were you during the hearing? He got off way too easy if you ask me, shoulda been closer to 20yrs

  • phil

    Looks like a young punk to me he knew what he was doing.Thought he was a real man to take advantage of a young girl. if he kept his junk in his pants
    He would not be in this situation.

  • soonerfan

    What does the California or the OHP have to do with this? And I don’t think he hit a boat. I think he was towing the boat. But doesn’t matter all 3 guilty. Just my opinion.

    • Bob Gnarly


      Historically, GET REAL has shown a high tendency to defend police despite overwhelming evidence of guilt.
      Admittedly, my comment is not nearly as pertinent to this story as it is to that tendency.

      • Get Real

        Your comments, gnarly, seldom have anything to do with being relative. You seem so busy trying to put others down, and defending drunk drivers like ahern and his ilk, that reality leaves you, sarah, and the other self-righteous hypocrites in the dust. Certainly cops deserve punishment for misbehavior, but asserting every cop who makes the news is a pos seems rather pathetic and small-minded.Those who whine and screech the loudest usually are the first to call for police help, or are the reason police are called in the first place. Which are you gnarly?

      • Bob Gnarly

        @GET REAL:

        I’m neither. I’m just a person who points out injustice in our justice system.

        I’m pretty sure I’ve only used the term P.O.S. in regard to a person who held a gun to the head of a 5 year old and a person who molested a child. Both of them, in my humble opinion, meet that criteria and, for that matter, James Ahern’s murderer does as well.

  • bill smith

    They don’t sentence innocent cops to prison for 100 year if they weren’t certain they were guilty! he confessed and that’s a fact!

  • confused by law

    Just to clarify my stand on this. He is guilty by being a cop.He knew he was. But He knew this girl before Church Camp. He knew she was trouble but went for it any way. He never touvhed her in the cop car she said that later on. She set the hook and he fell
    For it. Only thing he was A cop. Cops have done worse. She said it was wanted. No threats nothing. Good Luck Billy. Serve your time then get home to your family.

    • Fan100

      Whoever you are thank you he is my family and I know he was wrong and so was she ppl are looking at her as a innocent child and SHE ISNT!!! This sick individual “JUSTICE” is mentally ill or something to say such a vulgar comment when they know nothing!

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