Fort Smith Golf Pro Wins Hickory Stick World Championship

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As the resident club pro at Hardscrabble Country Club in Fort Smith, Jeremy Moe has been a hickory club enthusiast for years.

Last month he won the inaugural World Hickory Match Play Championship at the St. Martin's Course at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. The one rule is that players have to use technology from the 1920s.

"Hickory refers to the type of wood being used in the shaft," said Moe.  "When you strike it right you are rewarded with a good shot. But if you aren't playing well you could shoot a million with this stuff."

Moe started playing with hickories when his club hosted a hickory tournament a few years ago. Now he rarely plays with his modern set.

The biggest eye opener between hickory clubs and modern clubs is the driver. Moe hits his hickory 220 yards. He hits his Titleist 300 yards.

As a result, the difference in scoring is staggering.

"With the hickories I would do really good to shoot 77 (at Hardscrabble CC)," said Moe. "I've shot 67 from the back tees with (my modern set)."

Having played with hickories for so long, Moe says it would be nice for PGA Tour pros to play with hickory sets at least once a year.

"I think it would be beneficial for those guys to play with the old stuff," said Moe. "I think they would learn more about their rhythm, working the ball, staying within themselves."

It would also stir the debate of the modern era of golf vs. the older era, and which one is better.

"It gives me a better appreciation of just how good those guys were back then," said Moe. "The way they were able to work the ball with this equipment is incredible."


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