Group Submits Petitions For Expansion Of Alcohol Sales

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A group that supports expanding alcohol sales in Arkansas submitted more than 84,000 signatures on Monday (July 7) to Secretary of State Mark Martin, according to affiliate station KTHV.

Let Arkansas Decide turned in 84,969 signatures to put its proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot. The group needed at least 78,133 signatures from registered voters to qualify, KTHV reported.

"If it passes in November any city in the state will be able to sell alcohol in July of 2015," said Barling city director Bruce Farrar. "We`ve had several restaurants come into the city of Barling but they won`t come in because they can`t sell alcoholic drinks."

The alcohol measure would legalize alcohol sales in all 75 counties. A total of 35 Arkansas counties are dry at this time, according to KTHV.

"I would vote to keep it dry," said Crawford County resident Tammy Polly. "I`ve lived here since I was a little girl and raised my children here because it`s a safe place for kids I just prefer it that way."

Farrar said business would boom if approved.

"The restaurant association made a survey if a restaurant can sell a glass of wine a mixed drink or a beer their average ticket jumped 25 percent," Farrar said.

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  • Sarah 300

    Oh boy! This will pass with flying colors.
    Imagine the sakes tax generated as well as drunk driving arrests.

  • Bobby Jones

    Alcohol and marijuana for all. Keep the masses intoxicated so Obama can have his way with the sheep.

  • bobreal

    Just think of ALL that TAX Money it will bring in; after the Sale because of ALL the DWI Arrests. LOL

  • Get Real

    While the increase in taxes may be valid, DWI statistics seem to show more alcohol-related traffic deaths in dry counties than wet. Google “wet vs dry counties in Arkansas”. More importantly, it should be up to the individuals of the city to decide whether they want to allow sales of alcoholic beverages, not left to the whim of others. National prohibition didn’t work, neither does local. Chances are the neighboring city or county allows alcohol sales, the buyer just has to drive a little bit farther.

  • John Norris

    If you want to live in a wet county, then by all means MOVE YOUR SELF. Do NOT shove it on the rest of us. You live here because it’s dry, let’s keep it that way.

  • BreeOge

    Dry counties do NOTHING at all to stop alcohol other than rob the city, county and state of taxes. If you think living in a dry county makes you safe, you are living in a fantasy world or must be smoking some gooooood stuff. I myself do not drink however I am smart enough to know that alcohol still comes into a dry county by the counties around them, the only difference is that you don’t see the stores selling it in your county. Also not having alcohol sales hurts the community in more ways than just taxes on alcohol. In many cases it is the ONLY reason cities are not growing in Arkansas. Restaurants refuse move into a city they cannot serve alcohol, and then they sell more food thus more taxes. Instead of raising taxes for once why don’t you people try lowering and expanding taxes it works a heck of a lot better. It’s not rocket science people!

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