Less Than Ten Sound Complaints Filed Since AMP Grand Opening



Folk legend Willie Nelson, and country star Alison Krauss, performed at the Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP) Monday night.

The event was possibly the biggest show yet for the venue.

With big names coming to the AMP, 5NEWS asked several if sound levels are an issue for the community coming from the amp.

“The loud music, all the people around you, the energy, that’s what makes the concert right there,” said Carter Huffmaster, who was attending the concert.

The AMP is Rogers’ newly added home for music icons and loud music.

“The outdoor venues are a good thing for the community,” said Aubrey Bate, a concert attendee.

The AMP is a completely outdoor event venue, which houses plenty of loud speakers.

The wide variety of speakers, and the positioning of the sound equipment, made 5NEWS wonder, ‘are the speakers too loud for the community?’

“We hear very little,” said Bill Adams, a local property owner.

Adams owns one of the closest properties to the venue. t impact his daily routine.

“The AMP is really nice, I think. And, I think it’s good for our community,” Adams said.

Adams tells 5NEWS he rarely hears any sound from the AMP, and when he does, he isn’t phased by it.

That open-minded mentality to the venue from local property owners makes many of those who attend concerts at the AMP happy.

“It just wouldn’t be the same [without loud music],” Huffmaster said.

Those attending concerts say loud music is a must have for the concert environment.

“You feel it,” Bate said. “You dance, you feel it. It’s more of an experience than just listening to [music] in your car.”

“You can be loud yourself, because the loud music will drain it out,” Huffmaster said. “You can sing along with the music, and you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing you.”

For local residents with backgrounds in busness, like Adams, loud music ultimately means more money for the Rogers community.

“The AMP theater is good for the economy of Rogers,” Adams said. “It’s good for sales tax, it’s good for a lot of things.”

Some have complained that the traffic can get congested in the area during concerts.

But, others say it’s good to know that the traffic is bringing business to the area.

According to the Rogers Police Department, the AMP has only received less than 10 calls for disturbances related to the facility’s sound levels.

The AMP has been open for one month.

The City of Rogers changed its noise ordinance just before the AMP opened up, exempting it from parts of the noise code.


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