Oklahoma State Trooper Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI Following SUV Accident

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The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) confirmed that an Oklahoma State Trooper was arrested on suspicion of DUI after a collision involving a patrol vehicle and boat on Thursday (July 3).

The accident occurred in Sequoyah County at approximately 4:30 p.m. The accident happened approximately one mile west of U.S. 59 on Applegate Cove Road south of Sallisaw, according to a news release.

State troopers arrived to find an accident involving a marked OHP sport utility vehicle towing a patrol vessel being driven by trooper Joshua Davies, the release states.

Davies "showed signs of intoxication" and was immediately arrested on suspicion of DUI by troopers on the scene. He took a breath test and registered over the legal limit, according to the release.

His blood alcohol content was 0.26 percent at the time of arrest, the release states.

"It is an emotionally draining situation when an officer finds himself in a position that he must arrest one of his own. Our troopers displayed
professionalism in administering their duties during this unfortunate event," stated Chief of Patrol Col. Ricky Adams.

He continued, "This individual was immediately arrested by state troopers on the scene and charged with DUI in compliance with state statute.  This type of behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstance."

Davies was booked at the Sallisaw Police Department, and he has been with OHP for eight years. He has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation, the release states.


  • Sarah 300

    Good job OHP. The offending officer was driving an OHP vehicle. That made it go from bad to worse.

    • Bobby Jones

      It’s refreshing to know that an “Internet attorney” permanently resides on the 5NEWS propaganda website.

  • Betsy

    They should show professional every time they arrest someone, why should it only be for “one of their own”.

    • Bob Gnarly

      How would you suggest one begin this journey? By getting sloppy drunk (0.26% is over 3x the legal limit) then pinning on a badge and strapping on a gun?

    • HL

      So, stormy. Do you suggest there might be some legitimate excuse for this guy driving a state vehicle, while being drunk? I’d love to hear it.

  • soonerfan

    What is there to judge? He was driving had a wreck and was over the limit that the State law says. Oh and he was driving a State Trooper vehicle. Wonder how many tickets he has written for the same thing? I think the only judge here was the ones who gave him the test then made judgement he was under influence.


    Our OHP should be held to a high standard. Everyone makes mistakes But when it comes to law enforcement …You cant be doing stuff like that ,,,he should be fired.

  • confused by law

    Why is he on leave? Should be Permanent Leave. Should have been Fired when it happened.

  • HL

    Funny, how many police officers seem to think they are entitled to do the same things they would arrest a civilian for.

    • Ginger

      Oh people….. and their narrow-minded view of the world. It’s almost sad. This is not an example of “entitlement”, but could have been the aftermath of simply trying to survive in a world you cannot understand? Idk, and neither does anyone else. Yes, of course, ANYone driving after drinking so much should be arrested. And… there are a lot of occupations where being held to a higher standard applies. Here is a question for you all: where is that breaking point for you? At what point after years of serving your community… YEARS of working traffic accidents involving decapitated and/or mangled bodies…. day after day after day of DEATH- first hand, up close and personal… just close your eyes and put all your senses in that situation – the sight: of blood and scattered body parts – the sound: of a dying person gargling their own blood desparately seeking air, moaning in unbearable pain, screams of fear and reality, pleading for a last request of forgiveness or a message to a loved one – touch: literally picking up the pieces of a person and their life – don’t forget the smell of burning flesh on a human being who you know you are powerless to save…. at what point would you realize that you couldn’t take anymore? Would it be too late? Do you think you would know the moment it happened? The moment you knew it was all too much? Or do you think quite possibly it might ‘sneak up’ on you in the form of an addiction or some other less-than-perfect distraction from the realities of your everyday world??? Maybe it’s the moment you wake up from, yet another, horrific nightmare replaying several years of reality? Maybe it’s the look in a mother’s eyes when you tell her that her child was killed in an accident only hours before? I speculate that it’s none of these moments? The majority of those who feel the need to judge others and make negative comments about a stranger you know nothing about – you will NEVER experience anything so selfless as to protect and serve!!!! When you tuck your children in tonight… give them an extra kiss for all of the everyday heroes who sacrifice their lives, their sanity, their privacy, and the goodnight kisses for their own children in order to protect you and yours!!!

      • Bob Gnarly

        Doesn’t make much sense to me that he witnessed all that stuff you just described and said to himself, “Gee, I think I’ll just dramatically increase the odds that I can cause one of these scenes myself”.

  • Christie

    Ginger are you on drugs or what? He was a State Trooper & was 3 times over the legal limit. He should be fired on the spot!!! I also read another article that he is on administrative leave with pay!!!!


    @GINGER, I was in the military and went overseas in ’93, then I went into law enforcement for 3 years, then I was a paramedic in a major metro area for 6 years, then I lost a wife and unborn child to a drunk driver the day after we found out she was pregnant. Not once have I drank and got behind the wheel, despite all of the years of serving the community, and witnessing AND being a part of some hellish events. NOT ONCE!!!

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