Signatures Submitted For Ballot Initiative To Raise Arkansas Minimum Wage

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A group aiming to raise the Arkansas minimum wage through a ballot initiative has submitted more than 77,000 signatures to Secretary of State Mark Martin, according to Little Rock attorney David Couch.

In order to appear on the November ballot, the group needed 62,507 valid signatures, according to Couch.

The signatures submitted are now being verified by the secretary of state’s office, Couch said.

The group Give Arkansas A Raise Now is aiming to raise the Arkansas minimum wage to $8.50 an hour by 2017, according to their website.


  • Sarah 300

    Yes, by all means raise the minimum wage. Lift our citizens out of the poverty zone. More money in the hands of consumers will create jobs. Economy 101.
    Pay attention Wal-Mart, your employees are high on the list of food stamp users. That in and of itself is a travesty.

  • Charles McManus

    Yeah lets raise the minimum wage. Then Sarah you can start giving your retired parents/grand parents a set % of your income each month to cover the increase in prices that their fixed income does not cover.

  • Lucy

    Right on Charles. Fast food is higher than it’s ever been now. Prices are going up daily in Walmart. Lets not even get started on energy prices, clothing prices etc.

  • Sarah 300

    2014. The Los Angeles Economic Round Table concluded that raising the hourly minimum to $15 in that city would generate an additional $9.2 billion in annual sales and create more than 50,000 jobs. A Paychex/IHS survey, which looks at employment in small businesses, found that the state with the highest percentage of annual job growth was Washington state, which also has the highest statewide minimum wage in the nation. The area with the highest percentage of annual job growth was San Francisco, the city with the highest minimum wage in the nation. Higher wages do not automatically lead to fewer jobs. Many large grocery chains, including Safeway and Kroger, are unionized and pay well-above-minimum wage. They compete as equals against their non-union rivals, despite the higher wages.

    Will employers leave a state if it raises its minimum wage independent of a nationwide hike? Unlikely. Most minimum-wage employers are service businesses that are tied to where their customers are.  People are not likely to drive across state lines for a burger. A general assessment on businesses on the Washington-Idaho border at a time when Washington’s minimum wage was nearly three bucks higher than Idaho’s found that the ones in Washington were flourishing.

    While some businesses could indeed decide to close or cut back if the minimum wage rose, the net gains would be significant. Even a small hike to $10.10 an hour would put some $24 billion a year into workers’ hands to spend and lift 900,000 Americans ABOVE the poverty line. Consumer spending drives seventy per cent of our economy. More money in the hands of consumers would likely increase the demand for goods and services, creating jobs.
    Yes, raise the minimum wage. Double it or more. We can’t afford not to.

  • Kevin

    If you don’t like getting paid minimum wage learn a skill and get a job that pays more. simple as that. Its so simple I even did it!!

  • Brian L

    When will my wages be raised? How long until $8.50/hour is “poverty level?”

    No way will I vote for this.

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