Springdale Man Punches Woman In Face Repeatedly During Attack, Police Say

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Springdale police arrested a man on suspicion of punching a woman in the face repeatedly at his residence on Sunday (July 6), according to a preliminary report.

Carnell Morman, 23, was arrested after police were called to his home in the 2900 block of Chestnut Avenue concerning a loud fight involving him and a woman, the report states. The caller reporting hearing a woman shout, “Help me!”

Police arrived at the home and looked through a window in the door to see Morman on top of a woman, punching her with his right fist. She had her hands up in a “defensive posture.” Officers said they witnessed three or four punches to the woman’s face, according to the report.

Authorities went into the home after finding the door unlocked and pulled Morman off of the victim. The man did not resist the arrest, the report states.

The victim told police that Morman attacked her after a dispute between them. She said he struck her with his fists and knocked her to the ground, then began to choke her with both hands, according to the report.

Police said they found visible injuries around her left eye, chest and neck area. Around the base of the victim’s neck, police found visible hand marks, the report states.

During the choking, the victim said she was unable to breathe for several moments, according to the report.

Morman was booked into the Washington County Detention Center and faces charges of third-degree domestic battery and aggravated assault. His bond was set at $5,000, according to the jail’s intake report.



    • Janet

      Mr. Gnarly,
      Just exactly how familiar are you with the C.H.P.? I met a few when I lived in California, I broke the law, they gave me tickets. They were ALWAYS professional, you have a problem with law enforcement???

      • Bob Gnarly


        I have a problem with the abuse of power. On this very website there is a video of a C.H.P. beating a woman’s head into the pavement on the side of the highway and when an off-duty officer in plain clothes arrives he assists the assailant rather than detaining him.

      • Bob Gnarly

        I’m very glad that you did not have any such unpleasant encounters. I hope the officers described above are properly punished as any other citizen would be but it is very easy to be skeptical of that if you watch the daily news.

      • Janet

        Mr. Gnarly,
        All blacks are drug dealing pimps, all Mexicans are illegal aliens, all welfare recipients are fat and lazy Wal*Mart denizens. Try getting your prejudices under control, not everyone hates L.E.

      • Bob Gnarly

        Allow me to further clarify with some facts. Police officers are generally not held to the same level of accountability as civilians.

        Example 1: Two cops recently got drunk in a Fayetteville bar, pulled their weapons on some patrons then were subsequently allowed to drive home by the F.P.D. No arrests, No charges filed. They were subsequently fired for a crime that would have landed anyone else in prison for many years.

        Example 2: A video, again on this very web site, shows an Indiana officer pushing a defenseless man in a wheelchair over into the street. He got demoted and placed on probation but kept his job. I don’t know if the other officers present, who did nothing, received any punishment.

        Example 3: Bella Vista officer Coleman “Duke” Brackney unloaded his weapon into the back of James Ahern while Ahern was incapacitated killing him. Brackney paid a small fine, served 30 days for negligent homicide, and is now the chief of police of Sulphur Springs.

        Example 4: Arkansas State Police trooper Larry P. Norman fired his weapon on an incapacitated, mentally handicapped, Joseph Erin Hamely while Hamely was harmlessly lying on the ground surrounded by other officers. Norman served part of a 30 day sentence for negligent homicide and was subsequently given full retirement with full benefits from the A.S.P.

        Example 5: Its not just cops. State Senator Bruce Holland outran cops across 2 counties and was not even arrested. He was only charged later when there was a large public outcry.

        I believe that most people, authorities included, are basically good. Even so, there is much less incentive to obey the law when one knows that they will receive the absolute minimum (if any) punishment for breaking it.

        Accountability and respectability go hand in hand.

  • Sarah 300

    What are men thinking? Leave the woman before you injure her. Same for woman. Leave the man before you shoot or stab him.
    STOP watching television. Go for a walk. Hold hands. Visit the local library and learn how interesting books are. They are free to borrow.

      • Bob Gnarly

        What is wrong with anything she said? Please specify the portion of her statement that is bad advice for anybody.

        You will be defined by either your reply or your lack thereof. I’d bet you take the gutless route and ignore this. The choice is yours…..

      • Sarah 300

        Thanks Bob. You are sweet (and knowledgeable ). Tom has deep seated hate for women. He probably doesn’t realize it. I can handle it. Not to worry.
        At least I know where I stand. It is people like Kevin or whomever is using my name, I wonder if they are in real trouble and need help.
        My comment above addresses the continued violence on TV. Children see 5000 murders before age five. This conditions them to assume this behavior is normal. Just imagine a nation of people with no television, no cell phones, interacting with neighbors, friends, discussing ideas rationally, and learn to care about each other. A panacea I guess?

    • Janet

      Sarah, that would be excellent advice for the majority of us but naïve in cases such as in this news story. Not everyone reacts to confrontation with rational thought. “Hey honey, you’re getting me seriously stressed, what say we go to the library”. Not in this case. When she felt that he was losing it the only course of action was to get out of the house, if he’d let her. There is not always an amicable way out of bad situations, asking him to turn off the TV and hold hands could have gotten her killed.

      • HL

        If asking him to turn off the tv and hold hands might get her killed, then SHE needs to get out of the house.

      • Janet

        HL, You may have overlooked a key sentence in my original post so I’ll put the clip here.
        “When she felt that he was losing it the only course of action was to get out of the house, if he’d let her”
        Is that better??

      • Sarah 300

        Good point Janet. I just want to lower stress levels in homes. There are many causes of stress and then some people go bonkers. Reading, going to the park for a picnic, simple hand holding, all bring people together. Game boxes, flat screen tvs, cell phones, drugs, all divide and separate family member involvement. People need to learn it is okay to relax. And walk away when things cannot be made right.

  • zztopperman

    Bond was set pretty low….guess the bond money seemed more important to the judge than the woman’s safety. The next time they may find her dead. They really go easy on crime now days.

  • HL

    Yet another piece of trash who likes beating on weaker people. Ok, now let’s hear from some of his friends, about what a sweet, gentle, kind gentleman, this piece of trash really is.

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