911 Call In LeFlore County Shooting Released

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) - The suspect arrested by the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office in connection with the Wednesday morning (July 9) shooting has been arrested before, three times in three years, according to court documents.

Deputies working with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation arrested the suspect the same day the victim was found dead, according to a post on the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Randy Shelton, 53, was shot in the torso and killed at his home near Monroe, Okla., the post states.

"From heaven my dad would be telling us not to cry don't shed any tears," said Shelton's daughter Randa Piovesan.

48-Year-Old Richard Roland Humphries was arrested in connection with the shooting on Wednesday, according to the post.

"I had no idea he was going to do it," said Humphries brother Jesse Humphries. "I heard him talk in his head about things."

Humphries was previously arrested in 2008, 2009 and 2010 on different charges but received either a deferred sentence or suspended sentence for all of them, according to a court official.

In 2008, he was charged DUI, but he plead guilty, took a plea deal and received a deferred sentence, the court official said.

In 2009, he was charged with assault, but he plead no content, took a plea deal and received a deferred sentence, according to the official.

In 2010, he was convicted of assault and battery on a police officer (felony), but the charge was lowered to a misdemeanor, and he received a one year suspended sentence, the court official said.

The shooting happened around 4 a.m. in the 3500 block of Midway Road, according to officials.

Shelton's wife was awakened by gunshots and found her husband. She then called 911, officials said.

"I think my husband has been shot," Shleton's wife said to a 911 dispatcher. "I was in the bathroom and I heard oh God and I heard three bangs. I just saw somebody pull out of my backyard. He`s laying on my kitchen floor."

Humphries and Shelton were both neighbors, according to officials.

Humphries is being held without bond in the LeFlore County Detention Center. He faces a charge of first degree murder, the post states.

An investigation is still ongoing, according to the post.

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  • drew

    Midway ROAD not street and deputies name is pronounced seal not sale. Get it right. Put your “journalism” schooling to good use and do proper reporting.

  • Krista

    What do those minute details have to do with that man being murdered? Oh my goodness, they said street instead of road! Let’s bash them for that.

  • Lynn

    Please always remeber there are always 2 sides to a story , these were my next ddor neighbors for years … theres always more to a story …

    • Ronna Ritter

      Just curious, what other Side can there be?. A man Came onto someone else’s property at 4:00am uninvited and shot the homeowner in cold blood. He left a widow, children, and grandchildren devestated. You seriously have another justifiable side to this story?

  • Andi

    I’m not sure how you get two sides to every story when a man shoots another man, that’s unarmed, when he’s walking out his door to go to work…..

  • Shirley Thomas

    These are my neighbors now. He was a walking time bomb just waiting to go off. Lucky it wasn’t my husband or me. The ” system” didn’t want to deal with him so they send him back out here. His own parents, before they died, were terrified of him. The ” Sheriff” & his crew has been called out here many times. They knew he was dangerous and the fault for this man’s death is at their feet.

  • Unknown

    He does NOT need to be let out this time EVER!! 3 times in jail in 3 years! He goes around the neighborhood threatening people saying he is going to do this but has yet to do so until today. . My mom said she thought she got a knock on her door about 2:30 3:00 am checked the window and no one was there. What if she had open that door and he had shot her she would have left 6 kids behind 3 under age of 10… This is considered murder he NEEDS to be treated just like any body else who commits murders… If he gets out with a “slap on the wrist” I’m NOT going to be happy about it and neither will the family of the one who lost their loved one….

  • Enough is enough!

    This person has had a long history on mental issues. These issues started way back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Way too many incidents involving this man….he needs to be locked up for good!

    • ehhh

      You’re an idiot. No one click on his foreign posting name either. It appears it may be tied to a virus. No one wants to buy your watches.

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