Police: Rogers Suspects Steal $200 Worth Of Alcohol

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The Rogers Police Department is looking to identify and locate two suspects that they say stole $200 worth of alcohol on June 27, according to a post on their Facebook page.

The suspects pictured at right and below entered the Walmart Neighborhood Market located at 1918 S. 8 St., placed several cases of alcohol into two different shopping carts and then exited the business without purchasing any of it, the post states.

The alcohol was valued at $200, and the shopping carts, which were also stolen, were valued at $100, according to the post.

Anyone that can identify the suspects is encouraged to call the Rogers Police Department at 479-636-4141 or the Crimestoppers Tip Line at 790-TIPS.

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  • Ron Snider

    I worked for a shopping cart vendor and refurbisher and the $100 price tag is way off. A new shopping cart of similar construction and design, as these in the photo, were $400 each, back in 1999-2000, so today I’d say a shopping cart is $600 or more.

    • paperorplastic

      There was a lady who use to take a shopping cart from CV’s (phoenix & 74 st) with her food in it, and walk it to her apartment about 1/4 mile away. Then she would push the cart off into the ditch, after a while there were two of three starting to pile up.
      We called CV’s to let them know where they’re shopping carts were going, and they put a stop to this black lady shopping cart stealing.

      Also..in Fort Smith when they opened the new CV’s at Fresno and Jenny Lind, all the small baskets started disappearing. They were being taken to the next door apartment complex by the Katrina people. They felt they were entitled to just walk out with those basket…who was going to stop them…you? Finally, they were all gone and the store didn’t replace them.

      Stay classy Fort Smith.

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