Tyler Wilson Brings Football Camp to Greenwood

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He's a big name in the Greenwood community, and this week he's back at home passing on his football knowledge.
This year, Greenwood native and Tennessee Titans quarterback, Tyler Wilson brought his talents back home much like other professional athletes who put on summer camps every year.

"It was something I didn't really advertise real hard,” Wilson said. “I wanted the guys who kind of just heard about it by word of mouth to be here and do it for the first year so we can kind of get our feet wet. I had a bigger turn out than I expected, but I've had a blast, and I think the kids are doing a great job and enjoying this time home."

Wilson says he wanted to give youth the knowledge and skills that weren't readily available to him when he was growing up playing the game, and had tailored his camp to that.

"There was a lot of throwing the football around today, as well as learning the understanding behind the game. I think that's something that I didn't know as much of early on in my career that I wish I had a better understanding of the game. You know, I can kind of give that to the kids, as well as come out and throw the ball and learn the mechanics of playing the position," Wilson said.

He hopes to be able to pass on his knowledge to these kids every year.

"I've been gone seven years from high school. It's amazing how fast it goes by. And these guys, you still get some big smiles from these guys, which is good. But I think it's great to continue to build that relationship with some of the younger generations," Wilson said.