Dying Cancer Patient And Family Found Guilty On Pot Charges

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A dying cancer patient and his family, who weren’t allowed to explain why they were growing marijuana, were found guilty of drug charges in an Illinois court, according to affiliate station WQAD.

Benton and Loretta Mackenzie, as well as their son Cody, faced charges after police took 71 marijuana plants from their home in May, 2013, WQAD reported.

Mackenzie claimed he grew the plants to harvest cannabis oil to treat pain he suffers from terminal cancer, according to WQAD.

The judge ruled that Mackenzie’s reasons for growing the plants were not admissible as evidence in the trial, WQAD reported.

He faces mandatory prison time for the conviction, and sentencing will is set for Aug. 28, 2014, according to WQAD.

To read the fully story from our affiliate station WQAD – Channel 8, click here.


  • objectivefodder

    A real loving societal Government, huh? So do you trendy socialist feel good about your imperialist regime now? Is this religion or is this fascism? C’mon folks, any thoughts? Or are you scared to reply?

  • Ron Snider

    This poor guy has had this cancer for over 5 years, he has refused traditional western medicine and has had multiple drug charges in the past. The jury convinced him due to the large pot operation that he ran along with 4 others. 71 plants, as well as many distribution and other contraband. This guy also refused legal synthetic pill form marijuana, which even he admited works better and is more predictable. The jury convicted him based on the large scale operation/illegal enterprise that he was managing along with 4 other employees/members, of which 3 tested positive for the use of the drug, in spite of no medical conditions. It is clear the jury didn’t believe this guy’s story, or the jury members were just stupid, that is unknown at this time. This guy had been warned several times to stop the growing farm, but instead expanded the operating size. Maybe they should have drove to Colorado where he could have legally used marijuana in his preferred form, vs the legal form in his state. I think this guy was convicted due to the sheer size and scale of his operation and his previous criminal record, but I doubt the state will give him jail time if he is truly dying as the state won’t want to pay him huge medical bills, instead he will be on house restricted time.

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