Farmers Expect A Good Harvest

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Farmers in Arkansas have been happy to see the recent rain and milder temperatures this summer.

"The corn and soybean crops are looking pretty good so far," said Dennis Motes with the University of Arkansas Vegetable Research Station.

However, the rain that Arkansas saw earlier this spring did cause some problems.

"Things are running a little bit late, about two to three weeks late, due to the cool spring and the numerous rains that we have had," Motes said.

Experts said the moisture delayed planting crops in the fields. Also, the heavy rains washed out some seeds, which meant farmers had to re-plant.

Farmers need more rain during the next two months since the crops developed late this year, according to Motes.

Farmer Jamie Patterson said prices for crops are terrible so far, but that could change once the corn gets harvested.

According to Motes, " If the weather pattern continues and we get more rain in late July and early August, we have prospects of making an ultimate good crop."

So far this summer, farmers are glad to see the temperatures staying under 100 degrees.

"This has been a milder year so far and it has been a lot more condensing to make more reasonable and good crops," said Motes.

In addition, if everything stays on schedule, farmers with corn and soybean crops should rake in a good harvest.

Farmers will start harvesting their corn crop in October. Soy beans will be harvested in late September.