Victim Identified In Van Buren Fatality Accident

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A man that was hit and killed just off the interstate in Van Buren, moments after surviving a rollover accident, has been identified by authorities.

Karl Brandon Kasprytzki, 34, of Mulberry was named as the victim by authorities. Others involved in the accident haven't been named yet.

Troopers with Arkansas State Police said the first single-vehicle accident happened on East Pointer Trail around 6:40 a.m.

Authorities said the car struck a barrier cable, which then caused the vehicle to roll over multiple times.

The driver of the car then crawled out of the wreckage, and was walking along the road, when he was hit by another car, according to authorities on scene.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing.



  • Moose Moore

    Are there any barrier cables on Pointer Trail East….get the story straight…..I know I am not the only one doing a roll call on all family members.

  • John Gossett

    He may have gone off of the ‘off-ramp’ from Interstate 40 going to go South on 540 and went off of the curve into the trees and ditch below. Just a guess, as that has happened before at that location.

  • Happy

    Your noon coverage of this story on Channel 5 does not match the incident reported here. Get it right, or stop reporting incidents before you get the WHOLE story. And BTW how about following up on stories outcomes that you reported about one or two months ago…such as….Alicson Pyle taking money from city of Cedarville, or Mark Townsend (Van Buren Courthouse employee) being convicted on 1 count of over 5,000 charges

    • Happy

      BTW Mr. Townsend has opened a restaurant (with two other people) in the city of Cedarville….Now that’s a story on our justice system

      • Kalyn

        Honey. This isn’t a story for the Justice system. It’s a story for someone who just passed away in a car wreck. So chill with politics for awhile.

  • bob

    Death must been after him he cheated death by walking away from the wreck only to be struck down by another car

  • Dan

    Fool that ran him over was rubber necking the accident and probably on the phone calling someone to tell them about what they saw on the way to work. Instead of stopping to see about him. People who can’t live without a cell phone to their ear or under their nose texting should stay at home.

    • No the story

      Im so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for the friends and family of this man. No one deserves to go that way.

  • annette wiley

    so sorry to hear this story.i have at son his age so this breaks my heart for everyone involved.may God be with them all.

    • Margie Flanagan

      I totally agree!!!!!! I would not have wanted everyone to hear it if it was me making the call. Same goes for posting accidents up close so you see victims or others. As viewers we do not want to see that stuff! What don’t they get about that?

      • helms87

        I’m sorry for the loss of this family member. I just lost my mom Joy DuVall last month by a person who hit her and left her there. That guy never went back though to check on her. He was lucky she went back.My prayers are with his family and the one who hit him. Channel 5 does not report the storys 100 true the story on my mom was all wrong but I still watch it.

  • Senior Citizen with a heart

    I drive that road everyday where the accident happened and my heart goes out to both families, the one with the lost and the one that has to deal with the death of another person. My prayers are with both

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