Badly Wounded Dog’s Owner Found; Police Investigating

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The owner of a badly wounded dog in Centerton has been found, and police are investigating whether animal abuse occurred, officials said.

The dog, known as Moxy at the Centerton Animal Shelter where workers are attempting to save its life, is actually named Tinkerbelle, officials said.

The owner's name had not been released by early Friday (July 11), but Centerton police were expected to update the public later in the day on the progress of their investigation, according to Centerton City Hall.

A fundraising effort was launched this week to save the life of the badly wounded dog  found July 8 in Northwest Arkansas with fireworks strapped to its body, according to a post on the Centerton Animal Shelter's Facebook page.

Animal caretaker DJ Ritchie said the dog was found with open wounds and no collar in the Appleridge neighborhood in Centerton. Animal control officers said a neighbor reportedly found the eight-year-old rat terrier with fireworks strapped to her torso.

The neighbor said she went inside to call authorities and the dog wandered next door. Her next door neighbor called officials to come pick up the badly injured dog, authorities said.

"People that let dogs get into this condition," Ritchie said. "I just don't have any words,"

The dog's veterinarian said she didn't have any broken bones but was having trouble walking as of Thursday (July 10).

The veterinarian said the dog is expected to have a clear bill of health by Saturday.

Police said if it is determined the dog was abused, the abuser could face up to a year in jail or up to $1,000 in fines.

The Centerton Animal Shelter conducted a fundraiser to help the dog get back on her feet. By Friday morning (July 11), 138 people had donated a total of $3,990 toward care for the dog.

"Before the person who found her called the shelter, people in the neighborhood saw her with fireworks strapped to her body," according to a post on the fundraising site GoFundMe. "We don't know what all the scars are, but they are old and healing. The vet says she needs to be on fluids for a few days, so I am asking for your help to save this precious girl."


  • Sarah 300

    My Lord, where is our humanity? Who would do such a thing to an innocent dog?
    If you see animal cruelty, immediately call authorities.
    I hope the perps are caught and given the fullest punishment of the law.

    • mandy taylor

      you ask who would do such a thing? People like Michel Vick! But because he is a famous football star, all is forgiven. He is from my home town and he did alot worst than folks will ever know.

  • b ann

    Whoever did this needs to have fireworks strapped to their body. It is sickening that anyone could do something like this.

    • Dog Lover

      Michelle, I rang up Centerton Animal Shelter at 479.795.0078 and yes, the animal is up for adoption when healed. Thanks!

  • Toss ur Midget

    Waht is wrong with people, other than no hope for a future. No reason to treat animals like this…..

  • Rhonda

    Hey I got an idea…lets strap bottle rockets and sparklers that burn over 2000 degrees to the person or persons that did this to this poor dog…makes me furious!!

      • tired

        Rotten teeth aren’t your only problem your brain has also rotted. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a pig it’s an animal that cannot defend itself and sick sick person would do this and a sick person like you would make comments like this. Probably tooth decay from meth if I had to guess.

    • Happy

      No, let’s just stick the sparklers up their A** and see how they enjoy that. If this is a bunch of minors or even one minor then obviously there was no supervision of them by a responsible adult. Surely a responsible adult would not have allowed this to occur.

    • Tooth Decay

      From what history tells us, when government enforces GOD on it’s people, folks are tortured and killed for saying simple things like “The world is not flat”. You have won the idiot comment of the day award…congratulations

      • Betty Wise

        Tooth Decay – it’s always really attractive to put other people down for their opinions because really – yours is the only one that matters and don’t forget your extremely positive name calling. Your mother must be very proud!

  • james

    I think who ever did this should be found and charged ith animal cruelty period , tears me up to hear this ,I cant understand why some one would strap fireworks to a dog , or any animal fer that matter

  • JoAnn

    This needs to be put on CRIMESTOPPERS. Someone knows SOMETHING! This is just so sickening……people make me sick….

  • Ron Snider

    People think doing these acts are funny. It is the video games and violent television that desensitized children to the point that they want to kill and hurt and think it is pure fun, but it is really pure evil. The perpetrators need to go to prison.

    • bruce

      Playing Mario doesn’t make you a plumber.

      Cooking mama doesn’t make you a chef

      Phoenix write doesn’t make you a lawyer.

      Violent games don’t make you a murderer.

      Parents that don’t do their jobs, don’t teach right and wrong, and discipline them make these kinds of people. Don’t blame the easiest form of media and popularity.

      • Sarah 300

        Maybe you are wrong? What if some individuals are easily susceptible to suggestion? Normal people do not commit heinous crimes.

  • SUSIE Harrison

    Please channel 5, don’t drop the ball on this one. Please keep us updated. I certainly need to see the abusers punished.

  • Jeanne

    My heart is so broken for this precious dog. I feel that the punishment is way to little for the pain, physically & emotionally, that abusers put animals through. One year in jail or $1,000 fine, that is pathetic & a joke! And anyone who can do such a thing to helpless/harmless creatures such as Moxy is nothing but a coward!

  • Jessie alyene grinstead

    They will be found out and punished and I hope there pictures on tv so we all know what a complete nut looks like , they or he will get theres and we will be watching on tv I am hopeing .

  • Kathy

    Stiffer animal cruelty laws need to apply. Freaking firing squad for someone that sick is too good.

  • gary j

    This type of sick person will/has probably done worse. They will abuse kids, women , anything they can.

    Jail, or mental treatment won’t help.

    Thay need the death penalty.

  • TNT

    Everyone on here wants to see who did this be caught and punished. Too bad it’s more than likely a young idiot who will be to young to really be punished, just like the school bomb threat persons, all under 18.

    Plus, if this gets a lot of attention some other little idiot might do the same thing, again just like the fake bomb threats. Hopefully the guilty person will be over 18 and they can throw the book at it. But if it is a under age person they need to be diagnosed because there’s a good chance they will grow up to be a serial killer with this kind of behaviour.

  • kk

    Let’s hope that the dog isn’t returned to that poor excuse of an “owner” — she had partially healed serious wounds.

  • Lori

    The owners MAY receive a fine and MAY spend a year in jail. We all know they won’t! SOMEONE needs to make sure they ARE fined AND receive jail time. An example needs to be made here regarding animal cruelty!

  • Jack

    A culture that permits babies to be chopped up ,like cutting up a raw chicken, while it is still in the protection of the womb so it can be pulled out through the birth canal in pieces, can’t expect kindness to animals to be a very high priority. Killing late term babies, harming animals with fireworks, isn’t really that far fetched. America. Home of the brave. Freedom for all, with the exception of innocent little pets….oh, ……..and yes, …with the exception of innocent little babies.

  • Enough?

    A year in jail or $1,000 in fines? I believe animal abuse because a felony in Arkansas about five years ago. Six years and $10,000 sounds a little better. I hope the prosecuting attorney knows better than the police department. It hurts to even look at the dog. I hope she is adopted and has a much better life.

  • Hondo

    Ok the story says police are investigating whether animal abuse occurred…Duh…how would you like a giant strand of lit black cats strapped to your body on a hot 4th of July?

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