Police: Drunk Woman Broke Into Home, Urinated On Floor

Jessica Trippe

The Fayetteville Police Department responded to a call about a drunken pantsless woman entering a home in the 500 block of North Tennyson Lane and urinating on the floor, according to a preliminary report.

When police arrived at the residence on July 11 at 3:07 a.m., they found Jessica N. Trippe, 20, of Fayetteville in an upstairs bedroom. She was wearing her shorts with the belt and zipper undone, the report states.

Police noted in the report that her eyes were “red and watery,” and her speech was “badly slow and slurred.” The report states she was also confused, disoriented and did not realize she had entered someone’s home, according to the report.

Police said they observed a “very strong odor” of intoxicants coming from her breath and body, the report states.

The caller told police that Trippe had broken a decorative room divider in the bedroom, and the caller also said there was a large wet spot on the carpet where Trippe had “possibly urinated on the bedroom floor,” according to the report.

Trippe was unable to tell police her correct name and date of birth, but she did say she was 20 years old. She had a Texas driver’s license on her at the time despite being a Fayetteville resident, the report states.

She was placed under arrest and booked into the Washington County Detention Center, according to the report.

Tripped was released from the jail on Friday (July 11) at 11:29 a.m. with a bond of $1,370, according to the jail’s intake report.

She faces charges of criminal trespassing, second-degree criminal mischief, minor in possession of alcohol, public intoxication and possession of fraudulent identification, the report states.

Her first hearing is scheduled for July 14 at 10:30 a.m., according to the jail’s intake report.


  • Tbh

    Honestly get over it. Go get some carpet cleaner. Invest in better security for your home. And you’ll be good. You would think someone as old as you obviously are would be understanding about a situation like this–one in which nothing/nobody were harmed. It was a 20 year old girl. You should consider yourself lucky that it was nothing more serious.

  • Confused

    I’ve done my research on this young lady and her past is remarkable. Sad to see that one night out gives attention-seeking people a reason to prey on this poor girl. Nobody knows the story. Nobody knows what happened previously. Especially the awful writer who attempted to call this “news.” It would be understandable if someone was harmed in this situation but no one was. Except the poor girl being attacked. Her punishment by authority was enough. Being blasted on the internet was completely unnecessary considering it’s nobody’s business besides the people involved.

    • Anonymously Vacant

      Glad to see someone has some decency. I went to high school with her and she’s not like that.

  • RParker

    Part 1: Sounds like to me that you (Audri), your husband, and nanny need to be held responsible as well. What kind of parents leave their house unlocked at night for intruders to just walk right in?….

  • Lady Liberty

    LIBERAL hippie – yes. Genius – far from it. Dr. – maybe but that doesn’t mean anything.

  • Adrianne

    She was drunk, if you actually think this should be a news story you obviously must be hated by everyone in your life. Go play in traffic. Love, Anastasia

  • Rob

    Maybe there is a lot more to the story than what it looks like on the news. You and this news station is ruining this poor girls life because you have nothing better to do. You don’t know the story of why she was in the wrong house. What happened to her. If someone spiked her drink? This story makes it seem a lot worse than it actually was because the girl was not “pantless,” her pants were unzipped. And how did she get into the house? It’s funny how stories are twisted around just to make the news story look good? Trash talking someone and making them look ten times worse than they actually are? Wrong in so many ways and does not need to be “seen” and “out there.” I hope you can sleep at night, knowing you are ruining a young girls life with this stupid, pointless story. Its unfortunate that this happened to your house.. But is it necessary to ruin someones life when you don’t know the information to the whole story. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.

  • RParker

    Part 1: Sounds like to me that you (Audri), your husband, and nanny need to be held responsible as well. What kind of parents leave their house unlocked at night for intruders to just walk right in?….

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