911 Call: Boy Says He Punched Window To Scare Bear Away

An eight-year-old boy was treated for cuts to his hand Friday afternoon in Washington County after he told authorities he punched a window to scare a bear away, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Emergency crews responded and treated the boy at the scene. He was not transported to the hospital, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies and medical crews from Central Emergency Medical Services were called to 13358 Hazel Valley Road just outside of Fayetteville initially in reference to a bear attack. Responding authorities were unable to determine if there was ever a bear at the scene, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

A spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office said the boy was in the bathroom, when he said he saw a bear outside the window. He punched the window to scare the bear away and cut himself on broken glass, the spokeswoman said.

The boy’s uncle then called authorities in what was initially relayed to responding crews as a bear attack.

A woman identifying herself as the boy’s aunt later told 5NEWS the child admitted to making the story up.

Listen to the actual 911 call below:


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