Wounded Dog Healing At Centerton Animal Shelter, Officials Say

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CENTERTON (KFSM) – The Centerton Animal Shelter showed a new picture of TinkerBelle the dog, also known as Moxy, on Wednesday (July 16), and she looks and feels better, according to the shelter’s Facebook page.

Donations that came in resulted in medical care for the dog, according to a post on the Facebook page.

She got a bath, she is gaining strength, walking around some and eating hard food, the post states.

“Thank you for the donations, for the prayers, and concern. . .,” the post states.

TinkerBelle the dog was found and brought to the shelter with major wounds on her body on July 8. She has since started to recover and is doing better, according to the shelter.


  • Deborah Faddis


    Juanita Elizabeth Crawford:
    I am the proud owner of Tinkerbell and we have already seen her and the assistant said that she was more alert with us than had been the whole time there. I tried to tell you that we did not abuse Tink. (I HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD FROM THIS LADY PRIOR TO THIS MESSAGE) The media has blown this way out of control and it needs to stop. We did call a vet and was doctoring her sores and we were planning to take her to Vet on Thursday. Yes she needed to go sooner but Im sorry my family doesn’t have the money for an expensive bill. We truly thought that being a 13 yr old dog that she was dying. We gave her lots of love through the years and she was comfortable at home. Yes her sores did come from crawling her way out of our back yard. There are pictures to prove it. Stop this nonsense now. Tink was our baby and my kids baby. Some people need to find the whole truth before making assumptions about people they know nothing about.

    Debbie McAlister Faddis:
    I would ignore this message, but I can’t. There are old wounds on the dog. The dog has parasites (Frontline may have taken care of this) & is diabetic. If you had taken her to the vet even once a year for her check up & shots, you would have known this. And if you couldn’t afford her treatment, then put her up for adoption.

    There are ways to train a dog not to dig. If you had asked your vet or done research, you would know this. Most dogs dig out of boredom. So they must be provided with toys & chews to keep them entertained while you’re gone or don’t have time to spend with them. I cannot imagine a dog that lives completely in the back yard, never goes in the house, & doesn’t get the attention she needs. (Does she ever Walk her dog? Bath her dog? These are times of bonding.)

    I gave good money to help care for this dog. I have 3/65-70 lb dogs. It is the owners responsibility to train the dogs and to comfort them, love them, meet all their medical needs. I know for a fact that an 11 year old dog is past the age of digging & trying to get out of a fence unless he feels threatened. I have an 11 year old, a 10 year old & a 7 year old. The 10 year old got cancer & lost most of his hearing. I took that dog to the vet twice a week for 4 months.

    If you don’t have the money to properly care for a dog, then you shouldn’t have one. And back yard dogs catch so many more diseases. (Treatment for fleas and ticks and other parasites is expensive. And for multiple dogs, it’s VERY expensive. I have 5 animals to treat once a month. It’s very expensive. And we are far from being rich! Have you been treating your animals properly?) The parasite issue doesn’t just pop up. It’s been going on for a while. Don’t you ever check there poop or pee to make sure of things like this are caught or if there is blood in the urine?

    I have overseen dogs issues and fought for dogs not to be euthanized. I will find out when this court date is and hopefully be there. I am a Realtor so not always able to do the things I would like to do.

    Again, if you don’t know how or can’t afford the care for the animal, it needs to go to someone who can. (Your words, not mine) For explanation I add….-“my family doesn’t have the money for an expensive bill”….diabetes can be expensive. If you knew she had diabetes and were not treating her, THAT’S ABUSE!.

    Juanita Elizabeth Crawford:
    Again you know nothing of the situation. Tink did not spend her whole time outside and not loved. And yes we had checked her poop and pee because she was doing it in the house. Go ahead and be at the court date bring all your friends. I also have others dogs and they are loved just as much Tink was. We did do research on the digging and had done a lot of things to keep her from it but it did not work. You do not know my dog or my family. Do not make accusations that you know nothing about. We are good loving people and this needs to stop. Just like you keeping thinking we attached fireworks to her. If you had been more informed you would have known that was a complete lie. Do not post anything else about my family or our Tink. I am sure you have heard of slander and deframation of character. Don’t you think that if they thought we were abusing her they would have said so. I understand you are a livid animal lover but you need to understand that everybody doesn’t live like you. Grow up and get a life and focus on the animals that are really being abused. I pray for peace every night since this has happened. I pray that others see our situation and understand. I will pray for you to do the same.

    Chat Conversation End

    AND THEN SHE BLOCKED ME! I would like to add THAT NOW WE FIND OUT SHE HAS OTHER DOGS! AND THAT MOXY/TINKERBELL WAS PEEING AND POOPING IN THE HOUSE! DOES SHE ALLOW THE OTHER DOGS TO DO THAT? Dogs do that out of retaliation, jealously, illness or lack of training. Thirteen years is a long time to still have a dog poop & pee in the house. This should have been addressed years ago. If she cannot afford to care for Moxy/Tinderbell, she can’t afford to take care of the other dogs. Had she EVER considered taking the dog to Obedience Classes. That’s the proper thing to do. That’s where you learn how to train a dog with special problems. Has she EVER watched the Dog Whisperer? NOW we know that she didn’t register Moxy/Tinkerbell. THE POLICE need to go over there and see how many other dogs she has and make sure they are registered with the city! And do a welfare check on those other dogs!

    SHE QUOTED THAT SHE TRULY THOUGHT THE DOG WAS DYING! SO SHE DECIDES JUST TO NOT DO ANYTHING AND JUST LET THE DOG SUFFER UNTIL IT DIES BECAUSE SHE CAN’T AFFORD IT?! THAT’S ABUSE! When I have animals that have problems, physical or behavioral or medical, I crate the animal. It’s safer for the animal (especially with other animals in the house) and it allows me to keep a very good watch on the dog/cat. There are many other ways to handle a dog that has behavioral issues like digging under the fence and pooping and peeing in the house..

    She states that I “keep thinking that they attached fireworks to her”. I did not state that in the beginning of my post. I stated that “they THOUGHT had fireworks attached” so that people understand which issue I am talking about. I did not rely completely on what I was reading. I called the Mayor Bill Edwards myself.

    The press release did not say she was “abusing” Moxy/Tinkerbell. It said she was “cited for failure to seek medical attention (ABUSE!) for the canine, canine running at large and failure to register the canine with the city…..The owner of the canine has stated that the injuries to the canine were sustained prior to it leaving the backyard. The owner states the injuries occurred over a period of time due to the canine repeatedly digging along and under a wooden privacy fence. From the photos seen of the canine, the owner states the canine did not appear to have any new injuries.” THERE WERE TOO MANY RECENT WOUNDS FOR IT TO HAVE OCCURED OVER A PERIOD OF TIME! DID YOU SEE THE BIG WHOLE IN THE SIDE OF THE DOGS STOMACH AND ALL THE WOUNDS TO HER LEGS? BUT THE VET CAN TESTIFY ABOUT THAT. AND HOW MANY MORE DOGS DOES SHE HAVE THAT ARE NOT REGISTERED WITH THE CITY?! AND ARE THEY BEING PROPERLY CARED FOR? A WELFARE CHECK NEEDS TO BE DONE!

    She also states that I should “Grow up and get a life and focus on the animals that are really being abused.” Yes, abused animals are my passion. And I have certainly grown up through my faith. My life is very full. I have a wonderful job that I love that in actuality IS A LIFE. There are no days off. What little spare time I have, I spend that time with my husband, my extended family, my animals, and my relationship with Our Heavenly Father. May I ask what you do for a living and how you carry out your day? Do you have a stable job and give your life to God every day?

    SO PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT PRAYING! I attend church and read the Bible every single night. It’s part of my daily routine. I pray and know how to talk to God. You just can’t pray to him when you need him. You have to have repented, agree that you know and understand the trinity and believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, follow the ten commandments, give time daily to communicate with Jesus, and promise not to worship any other God. After you do that, then Jesus will hear your prayers, relay them to God, and then God will decide whether he will answer your prayer. And it may not always be the way you want it answered. For the only way to get to God is first through the Holy Spirit, then through Jesus. And then if you don’t maintain your relationship with the Trinity, you will lose the relationship. Have you been born again? Have you given your life to the Trinity? If you have, then your body would be full of peace and comfort and the love would flush through your body and be given to everything & everyone you touch. (including pets, natural wildlife, plants…any living thing) And you would not let a dog suffer as you insinuated when you said that you thought the dog was “truly dying”. This is something done by a person filled with evil. And the lost are the ones that Jesus seeks out. I hope he finds you and helps you learn how to have a true relationship with God. For it’s the relationship with God that he seeks. Not the religion and going to church. But having a true relationship with The Holy God.

    It’s time to settle this case and give the dog a proper home!

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