Food Program To Educate Families

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance will present “Cooking Matters at the Store” at Harp’s Food Store today (July 16) located on Grand Avenue in Fort Smith.

Representatives will be on hand to help educate shoppers how to make smart and healthy decisions while grocery shopping.

"It teaches people how to go in the store and shop more economically and more nutritional, that's the whole goal behind it," according to Ted Clemons who is the Director of the River Valley Regional Food Bank.

Several different stations will be set up throughout Harp’s to help shoppers understand nutrition labels and unit pricing, while also emphasizing the benefits of buying in bulk.

" They would go through each station and they would go through and actually they would teach them at each station what there is to learn," said Clemons.

"They can learn to bring more nutritional food in their house so they live a healthier lifestyle," according to Clemons. " I think that's critical for all of us nowadays."

Participants will receive a $10 gift card to Harps at the end of the tour.

Clemons said, the goal is to make this program happen twice a year.






  • Elaphas

    What a joke. The entire liberal mentality that people are too stupid to do anything for themselves is part of the reason “progressive” democrats have no business being in elected office.

    • George Dubya Bush

      I cudn’t agree more, Elfphalus! People need to lern to make decisions for themselves. Thats why I decided to be The Decider, so I could decide stuff……..and I did. And when I made a wrong decision I took full responsibility by blaming those who had misinformed me, cause its hard to be a decider when your misinformulated. I’ve always said that.
      The people at that hunger relief agency oughta be ashamed of theirselves goin around tryin to educate people how not to be hungry. If a person dont have enuff sense to eat then let em starve. Its called natural celection, survivle of the fittest. If that agency wants to teach people howta eat they oughta by a coupla plain tickets for Chiris Christie (cause one aint enuff) and bring him down here cause lemme tellya that boy knows howta eat.

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