New Arkansas Law Allows Growler Sales At Gas Stations

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Fayetteville (KFSM) ~ A way to help local craft breweries get more exposure, and sales, has made its way into local pubs and gas stations across the state.

"This is as good as any liquor store," said Zane Placke, a growler customer.

As of July 1, stores with retail beer permits could legally sell beer in a growler.

Not just pubs and breweries, but gas stations as well.

Gas stations, like the Road Runner in Fayetteville, are selling craft beer to customers on the go.

"They’re bringing really good local products to the market for a super convenient location, place, and area," Placke said.

What is a growler?

"It's a 64 ounce jug, so it allows them to take it home," said Rick McLeod, co-owner of Brick Street Brews in Fayetteville.

Brick Street Brews sells growlers as well.

"It allows us to open up a whole ‘nother portal, so to speak, to our clients," McLeod said.

When poured into a growler, the beer is just as fresh as a beer you would buy at the store.

"You're getting the draft beer right out. I mean, it's very fresh beer," McLeod said.

The containers are washable and refillable, which some argue makes growlers more eco-friendly.

Some also say having the beer on tap at local gas stations helps promote the sales of local brews.

"It's amazing to be able to have that amount of selection at a gas station," Placke said.

The growlers come in two sizes; 32 and 64 ounces.

Before leaving the gas station, or brew house, a sticker is placed over the cap as a form of sealing the bottle.

Without a seal, it is considered an open container.

Arkansas’ law prohibits customers from opening and consuming alcohol at the location of the sale, and also gives stores that sell growlers the right to deny re-fill services to a customer.

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