Students Set To Take Laptops Off Campus

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FORT SMITH - (KFSM)Thousands of students in Fort Smith will get to take laptops home this coming school year.

2,000 lap tops are on their way to Sunnymede Elementary, Morrison Elementary and Ramsey Junior High.

Ramsey started unpacking Wednesday (June 16).

Sunnymede principal Krystle Smith said the money to pay for the computers comes from district funds.

“All of our kindergarten through sixth grade students will receive a Dell laptop,” Smith said. “It has a key board and a touch screen.”

Students will be allowed to take the computers on and off campus.

The price tag for one the computers is around $800, according to school officials.

“Our third grade through sixth grade students will begin taking them home once we begin the training. Once school starts in place our second graders will take them home after the second semester,” Smith said.

Smith said the training courses for students will teach them how to protect the computer at home.

5NEWS asked if this could soon turn into a district-wide move.

“I think that we will look at expanding the program in the future based on the success of this pilot program,” Smith said.

Smith said a policy is being developed this summer on how to handle a student losing or damaging the laptop.


  • bobreal

    Hope They VOGAR WORD PROTECT Them…
    The Kids might Not think of Words to look up;
    But a Parent or Older Sibling will..

  • Larry

    Not a good move. This is just putting a tool in the hands of some one that isn’t ready for it. Do they feel the teachers are inadequate to do the jod? School administrators don’t usually make good management decisions, and this is one example.

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