BLOG: Daddy-Daughter Date Goes Viral

Courtesy: YouTube

Courtesy: YouTube

A father who took his young daughter on a daddy-daughter date is facing backlash after the video is published.  Some are calling the video sweet and heartwarming, others call the video “creepy.”

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  • Tonya Lake

    What a touching video. Reminds me of the time when my daughter and her dad attended a father/daughter dance at her school. He came to the door to get her with a corsage. Downstairs he opened the passenger side and she got in he put her seatbelt on and they rode to the dance. I drove by the school and when I saw the two of them dancing it brought tears to my eyes. I’ll never forget the way she looked up at him. For those who say this video is creepy for once lets not put a sexual connotation on this. It’s a dad showing his daughter just how much he loves her.

    • Jeremy

      I so agree! The way this dad feels about his daughter, is the same way I feel about mine! Cherish every single moment you have with them, because they grow up in just the blink of an eye. And just remember that at any given moment, God can take them away from you. Don’t take your kids for granted! Love Them, teach them, spend time with them.

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