Heavener Woman Accused Of Animal Cruelty, 101 Animals Confiscated

HEAVENER, OKLAHOMA (KFSM) – A LeFlore County woman was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after authorities found approximately 101 animals living within her home and on her property, according to an incident report.

Ann-Marie Duhon was arrested at her home on Mount Pleasant Road near Heavener after deputies served her with a felony arrest warrant, the report states.

Upon arrival at the home, deputies told her about the warrant, and she said she had an 11-year-old daughter in her house, and she’d need to call someone to take care of the child, according to the report.

Deputies entered Duhon’s home and noticed “numerous” animals living in the house, the report states.

“There were animals feces all around the house on the floor and other locations in the [home]. Most of the house was covered with insects all around the walls and bathroom area. While looking through the house, I also noticed there was chicken wire on one of the bedroom windows where the glass had been [broken],” the report states.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was contacted about the animals, and a PETA representative told the deputies that they would take the animals from the residence with an order of seizure from LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale, according to the report.

Deputies counted a total of 67 rabbits, four hens, one rooster, one chick, 11 cats and 17 dogs, the report states.

The child was taken to the LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office for an interview, and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services was contacted concerning the girl, according to the report.

Duhon was booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center and faces a charge of animal cruelty.


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