Suspect Arrested After A Rogers Man Was Attacked And His Dogs Protected Him

Joshua Anthony Wilkins

ROGERS (KFSM) – A Rogers man living in the 2000 block of West Oak Street was attacked in his home by two suspects on June 2, and his two dogs helped to protect him, according to an arrest report.

Joshua Wilson, 25, of Bentonville was arrested after police identified him as one of the two suspects involved in the fight with the Rogers man, according to the report.

The Rogers Police Department arrived at the residence at 5:39 p.m. on June 2, and the victim told them two men had come to his door and asked for a person that didn’t live there. He told them to leave, and they did, the report states.

The victim said he then let his two dogs inside, and he got a .40 caliber Glock pistol and set it on his stove. Five minutes later, the same men came back, and when the home owner opened the door, Wilson swung at the victim. Wilson then fell forward into the home, and the victim fought with him, according to the report.

During the scuffle, the victim called for his dogs, and they came in and attacked Wilson. The victim told police he thought one of his dogs, a Pit bull, bit  Wilson’s leg, and the other dog, a Great Dane, bit and held Wilson by the shoulder, the report states.

The victim managed to get control of his firearm, despite being held by Wilson, and he started to strike the suspected intruder with the handle of the gun, according to the report.

The victim told police that the second suspect never entered the house, and after he hit Wilson with the handle of his gun, Wilson left the home. The victim told the two suspects that if they didn’t leave, he was going to shoot them. Both got into an older white Ford Expedition and left, but not before the victim got the license plate number, the report states.

Police traced the vehicle to a residence in Texas and contacted the driver, who admitted to being with Wilson on the night of the fight, according to the report.

The driver told police that he and Wilson had gone to the home in Rogers to see a friend, and when they arrived, Wilson tried to go inside, and a fight started. The driver also said that Wilson’s friend wasn’t living at the Rogers residence anymore, and everything was a big misunderstanding, the report states.

The driver told police that Wilson was attacked by dogs and hit with a firearm. He eventually got Wilson back in the vehicle, and they left. After he gave police Wilson’s information, authorities started looking for him.

Wilson was eventually found and booked into the Benton County Detention Center on July 16, according to the jail’s intake report.

Wilson faces a charge of third-degree battery (misdemeanor) and residential burglary (felony). His bond has been set at $15,000, the jail’s intake report states.


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