Daughter of Escaped Killer Speaks Out

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BOONEVILLE (KFSM) - Francis Buffington said she was was just eight years old when her father Timothy shot and killed her mother Rhonda Combs in 1998.

"This is my mother Rhonda and this is my father Timothy," Francis Buffington said while pointing at a photograph. "She was 23 and dad shot her. It made me smarter, tougher. You learn a lot more about the world. I wouldn't be who am I today without it."

Buffington escaped from prison in Pine Bluff 16 years later, on June 21, armed with a shotgun. Authorities said he was a trustee doing yard work, serving a 20-year sentence with four years left.

Combs was buried in Booneville. Her daughter said what makes Buffington’s escape so difficult to understand is that he was well on his way to finishing his sentence.

"Why else would you run away and lose everything that you've been working for for 16 years? To get to come home to your kids, because he told me himself on his visitations that all he cared about was coming home to his kids," Francis said.

Buffington said deputies have been patrolling her area but hasn't seen her father once.

5NEWS asked if Buffington thought her father is alive.

“Not having any sightings of him. Honestly no ever it's been a month," she said.

Buffington isn't giving up that she will again see the man who killed her mother soon.

"Just hoping they find him safely,” she said.

A representative with the Arkansas Department of Correction said the search for Buffington is ongoing.

Authorities are asking anyone who has seen him to call their local police department.


  • francis buffington

    I want to see him safe and unharmed because he is my father not because he is the man that shot my mom. People dont understand till there in the situation. I love both my parents forever nomadder what

    • Anonymous

      I understand. I am a daughter of a man who tried to kill my mother. Since this story broke, I have had more understanding than most for your situation. Become better. Love even though they may not always appear worthy. Value yourself. At the end of it all, know you are not your parents sins but the best part of them. Good luck to you.

  • Faith

    Yeah this guy is a real prince. The coward snuck up behind the truck his ex wife was sitting in and shot her in the back of the head with a rifle. How did this guy only get 20 years on a 1st degree murder charge? Oh and why was he allowed out for work release? Clearly the first 10 plus years taught him nothing because first chance he gets he escapes! That mother never got justice. It is unfortunate that he clearly does not have the unconditional love for his daughter that she has for him.

    • francis buffington

      There never is justice for anyone in this kind of situations. Killing another person is not justice

  • freezedirtbag

    Hopefully he used that shot gun he stole to end his life, and should have been done a long time ago.

    I bet he’s worm food by now.

  • Mel

    Francis, ignore the insensitive comments and stay strong. I hope everything works out for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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