LeFlore And Sequoyah Counties Not Releasing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

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OKLAHOMA (KFSM) – Court clerks in two Oklahoma counties have decided not to issue same-sex marriage licenses following a ruling from the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals finding Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriages unconstitutional, according to officials.

Officials in court clerk offices within both LeFlore and Sequoyah county told 5NEWS they had no plans to being issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

The reason behind their decision was that the appeals court issued a stay on its ruling pending an appeal. As a result, neither county will issue marriages licenses to gay couples, officials said.


  • hatethesin

    Thanks for the nasty photo. Just so you know, probably more than 98 % of your readers don’t want to see your yucky two men kissing photo. Gross…just my opinion.

    • objectivefodder

      Point taken. But “HATETHESIN”, how’s that writing, emailing and calling in complaining to the American corporate entertainment and media industry (regarding blatant sexual perversion and homophobic complaining) working out for ya? I’m guessing you and all your other moralist friends are in sync spending your time and energy channeling your disdain and outrage for the “sin” with our larger scale media industry, newsprint, motion picture, gaming, music, television, radio and journalism industry (not just locally), right? I mean, you do boycott and complain with them also don’t you? Where are the grass roots organizational movements, the full one page ads, the public service announcements on radio, television and the protests? Cheers.

      • hatethesin

        I’m not out to save the world. People can do what they want but I don’t have to like it or “go along with it”

        It is what it is…a SIN. not that hard to understand.

  • Jay

    Sequoyah County is a joke they can let all the meth and crime in they want, but God forbid they let two people that love each other get married, because that’s so much worse. Give me a break. These people are going to be together if you like it or not so why does it matter if they get married or not? Oh the Bible says it’s wrong, along with a ton of other stuff we do today, and all that’s ok. The bible was written 3,500 years ago. Quit trying to judge people by it. A lot has changed since then.

    • HL

      Yes. A lot has changed, since then. Too much. Maybe that’s why our society is in the toilet, these days.

  • Kevin

    lol thats why I have to type a comment about 4 different ways before it will post. There is some kind of filter I’d probably call it the liberal hippie filter.

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