Sportsmen Eye Zone Tournament Title

FORT SMITH (KFSM) – The number of American Legion teams in the area may have drastically diminished over the past few summers but the talent level of the Kerwins Sportsmen is as high as ever.

Manager Trey Prieur’s team has amassed a 21-2 record heading into this weekend’s Zone tournament in Conway and it’s the team chemistry that could be credited for the success.

“We just started off with early chemistry,” Michael Rhea said. “Everybody got used to each other real fast and I think that helped us play ball better.”

“Coming together as a team probably,” infielder Hayden Harvey added. “We’ve bonded a lot on our road trips and that’s probably the key to our success.”

Wins have been coming at steady pace for the Sportsmen but there’s another attribute that Kerwins’ roster has plenty of.

“The one thing is, we have a lot of kids that can contribute to this team,” Prieur said. “They’ve all taken their role and run with it. On a team of this caliber, they get to play maybe every other game or get an at-bat here but it’s been the team concept.”


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