Arkansas GOP Opposes Term Limits, Ethics Measure

Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Senate.

Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Senate.

LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) – The Arkansas GOP have voted to oppose a ballot measure that was designed to loosen term limits in the state, as well as, tighten ethics laws, according to affiliate station KTHV.

Delegates at Arkansas GOP convention on Saturday (July 19), approved a resolution that opposesĀ a constitutional amendment set to appear on the November ballot, KTHV reported.

The resolution stated concerns about a part of the proposal that would set a 16-year limit on serving in the state legislature, according to KTHV.

“House members are currently restricted to serving three two-year terms, and senators are limited to two four-year terms,” KTHV reported.

To read the full story on our affiliate station’s website, click here.


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