Police: Man Killed Pregnant Girlfriend In Fort Smith Home, Found Toddler With Injuries

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A man killed his pregnant girlfriend in Fort Smith on Saturday, according to police.

Officers identified the woman killed as 22-year-old Briana Butler.

Fort Smith Police said they received a 911 call from Douglas True, 21, around 11:52 a.m. on Sunday (July 20). True requested officers to meet with him in the 2900 block of South 66th Street. When officers responded, True was waving them into his driveway, police said.

Police said once they realized the man may have committed a "violent crime," they searched the house and found Butler laying on the floor of a bathroom. Officers also found a  two-year-old girl sleeping in a nearby bedroom. The little girl appeared to have minor facial injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment, police said.  She is expected to  make a full recovery.

A knife was located at the home and is believed to have been used during the incident, police said.

Police said they believe Butler was near or at mid-term of pregnancy.  Her body will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy.

True was arrested on suspicion of two charges of capital murder. He is being held at the Sebastian County Detention Center without bond.

Barry Wayne witnessed True get arrested. He said he got a call on Sunday from his niece who lives in the complex. She told Wayne she was scared because there was a crime scene across from her house.

"She had never been in nothing like this before," Wayne said, "I seen three or four police cars and then I was sitting on the porch, and I seen a gentlemen in the back and they said he had murdered her."

He said his niece was planning on moving out of the Cedar Court complex.

"You never know what's going on in a person's mind, so you always got to be careful," Wayne said, "You never know what's going on with that person."


  • Edward

    Fort Smith is becoming a crime infested city.

    This is so sad. Hopefully the man gets the death penalty.

    • barbed_wire83

      Hey, go easy on the guy. At least he had the courage to turn himself in. That at least indicates he’s remorseful of what he’s done. At the very least, we should wait until the full story comes out. It could be they were in an argument and it escalated into a fight and he was defending himself. We just don’t know the whole story.

      • hope1

        Fight or no fight, taking a life is wrong. And even worse, an innocent baby! Double murder? I hope he gets the death penalty…..

      • Nina

        That’s bs. I know both the mom and the daughter. He MURDERED her. And tried to murder the little girl. He deserves everything he gets. I hope he rots on prison.

      • Nina

        I know the whole story. So for you. He don’t need to defended he was stupid enough to murder her and her unborn son then tried to murder her daughter.

      • Natalie

        A 22 year old girl and her unborn child are murdered and you say “go easy on the guy”. Regardless if they were getting into a fight, you do not stab your pregant girlfriend to death and then decide to call the police. They will lock hm up and throw away the key

      • HL

        barbed, I don’t believe in going easy on killers. Part of the reason we have so many killers walking our streets, is because too many people, like you, want to go easy on them.

      • jg

        I agree he did wrong. I watched him grow up he was a good kid that resulted in problems. God forgive him for his wrong actions. Who are we to judge?

      • HL

        jg, Who are we to judge? Well, I’m someone who’s never knifed an innocent 22 year old young lady to death, in front of her child. Have you?

  • Guy Shea

    I have quit watching the local channels until After the election, I’m sick and tired of political commercials!

  • Nina

    That’s bs. I know both the mom and the daughter. He MURDERED her. And tried to murder the little girl. He deserves everything he gets. I hope he rots on prison.

  • Yolonda Buchanan

    This is disgusting, this is not a racially motivated murder. Even if he is black and the girl friend is white, the baby would be half black, if it was even his, so why would he kill the unborn baby, because the baby would be half Africa American anyway.

    You guys need to grow up and if she was murdered, we need to know why she had to pay with her life, like if she disrespected him, or cheated on him, then it might of been a more reasonable murder.
    Let’s get the whole story first before we blame him. He might be innocent.

    • HL

      yolonda, You think “disrespecting” someone, or cheating on your boy friend or girlfriend is a “reasonable” excuse for murder? Yeah, that’s some street thug mentality, right there.

  • ms. mooring

    this is sad to hear i feel sorrow for the young womens family as well as the young mans a crime like this can crush the spirit of a family i know first hand cuz my father murdered my mother when i was 16 and i have never fully recovered my prayers go to the living child nd for the record killing the young man wont bring back the young woman no one has the right to kill another foe any reason

    • HL

      MS. MOORING, With all due respect, the death penalty isn’t supposed to bring back the victim. Prison wont bring back the victim, either. The death penalty is supposed to be punishment. And it will prevent the killer from ever killing again. Prison wont.

  • rumjack

    Seriously?? Reasonable murder? Do you honestly believe that? If so then you are just as sick as the bottom feeder that did this to my niece and her unborn child. People as stupid as you should not be allowed to speak.

    • HL

      Most serial killers are white? So? Most violent gangbangers are black. What does either one have to do with this story?

  • HL

    I still wonder why we have so many deranged psychopaths in our society. My heart hurts for this girl’s family and friends. If true did this, which it appears he did, he needs to be hanging from a tree limb, down in the court house lawn.

  • Hayley

    The young lady used to be my sister in law. Best wishes for her and her family. The Whinnery and Wootton family will be praying.

  • rip briana

    I wanna know how you know the whole story! Were you there? Or were you told what was gong to happen? I would like to talk with you. …..

    • Nina

      I’m a part of her family is exactly how I know. Keep talking shit. He is the one that is still alive. But briana and Alexander arent. He will get his and I hope it comes soon.

  • 3381

    Theres more to him than a stone cold killer. He was a good person. Who knows why people do the things they do. He turned himself in though he didnt remember, took his punishment, and didnt fight it even though he does not remember. He did love her. Noone saw what happened but them and no one can say. I knew them both. Its a tragic loss. Neither children were his and he supported and was raising them. Was excited fir alexander to be born though not his child and he never left her. Its a tragic loss and prayers and condolences to her family. Only God can judge. Ive lost loved ones in tragedy and until you learn to stop hating, your life will always be tragic.

    • HL

      He was a good man, huh? He loved her, huh? Yep. Right up until he murdered her. And he never left her. How noble. Well, him staying with her, costed her, her life. Didn’t it?

  • jlynn

    Bri was my bestfriend and yes no one knows what happend but I do no if doug really cared and loved her and those kids he would of put down the bottle like she begged him to do there whole relationship and then those demonds of his would never have taken away a very lovely woman and child he has to live with the truth everyday of his life and I will be there to support the tought of bri for every court day he has coming and to let him know and feel his pain and remind him everyday wst he did he was a good person yes but now all I care about is the child he left without a mothe
    I will love and miss her everyday

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  • jakmo

    Whatever the reason was that had todo be domésticos violence in the past and someone had probably already called it like that before Cuz at least I did and every time police would tell me there’s a process and I guess basically the last step is death something thank god I scaped Cruz fspd wouldn’t do much

  • Monica Rodriguez

    My sister leave Fort Smith that same Saturday she was murdered for the same reason , forth Smith police is full of BS ….!!! They don’t care about their residents safety . Mysister made so many repreports against her boyfriend ans still didn’t do anything about it :( …. all they kept on saying was that they need it more evidence , I guess all they need it foe him to get arrested was for my pregnant sister and two daughters to get killed :( … even though I never met BRIANNA BUTLER …R.I.P. Sweet Angel !!

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