Farmington Gas Station Clerk Refuses To Give Would-Be Robber Money

Photo courtesy: Google Maps

Photo courtesy: Google Maps

FARMINGTON (KFSM) – With a shotgun pointed at him, a cashier at a Farmington gas station refused to hand over money to a would-be robber, according to Farmington police.

The clerk was working at the Green Oak Center at 243 W. Main St. when a man with a shotgun came into the store, put a black bag on the counter and told the clerk to give him money, police said. 

The suspect, a white male approximately 170 to 180 pounds and six feet tall, was wearing all black clothing, a black hoodie and a white bandanna with black markings on it, according to police.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning (July 20) at 4 a.m., police said.

After receiving no money, the suspect left the store without harming the cashier. The suspect departed in a full-size half-ton 4X4 pickup truck, according to police.

No surveillance video of the suspect is available at this time. Stay tuned to 5NEWS for a picture of the suspect when it becomes available.

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  • Candy69

    What a stupid move on the part of the cashier. Would his life really be worth $267(or what ever $$ was in the till)?

    I’m sure the gas station owners would not even pay the $8,000 for the cashier’s funeral.

    Police say it is best to keep things calm and be cooperative during a robbery.

    I’m sorry, but my life is worth more than some rich business man’s insured money.

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