Springdale To Make Big Announcement Today

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The city of Springdale will make a major announcement Monday (July 21) at 11 a.m. at Arvest Ballpark. It’s an event that will take place in the Fall, according to the Springdale Chamber of Commerce.

They won’t say what it is until the announcement. Bill Rogers, VP for Communications, said it’s a popular event and it will bring a lot of people to the city.

“This is just going to be the first of what we think are a lot of announcements,” Rogers said. “It’s able to kind of come to fruition because access is better.”

Rogers said the newly completed Don Tyson Interchange is the reason why they are having this announcement. It’s the new entry and exit into Interstate 49 in Springdale.

“In economic development there’s an old saying that jobs and businesses follows roads,” Rogers said. “You have to have the infrastructure, and the completion of the interchange is going to give people an easy way to to the ballpark.”

The announcement is about attracting people to spend their money in Springdale. Rogers said taxpayers paid for Arvest Ballpark and the Don Tyson Interchange.

“That investment by our residents finally gives us a chance to expand our events where people are coming to Springdale and spending their money, that’s tax revenue and that’s good for our city,” Rogers said.

Another project that will make it easier to get in and out of Arvest Ballparks to the 56th street widening project, which run along the ballpark.

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