Algae Causes Concern At Local Fishing Spot

FORT SMITH (KFSM) – A popular fishing spot in a local park is filled with unwanted green residue.

The muck has some concerned.

Cody Reed fishes at Carol Ann Cross Park in Fort Smith.

“Yeah it’s pretty nasty,” Reed said when describing the algae in the water. “Yeah it’s horrible.”

As people around the park said they want to see the mess cleaned up, Fort Smith park directors said they have a plan to do so.

“We’ve had the lake studied by our utilities department they’ve tested the water,” director Mike Alsup said.

Alsup said geese and fertilizers from the lawns in nearby neighborhoods are to blame.

Experts said geese can produce up two pounds of waste a day.

“I don’t recommend that anyone swim in the lake,” Alsup said.

Alsup said the problem is expected to be fixed soon through chemicals, raking the waste out and some algae eating carp.

Park directors urge those at the park to not feed the geese.


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