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Fort Smith Apartment Complex Burns Twice in One Week

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - The Fire Marshal is investigating after an abandoned apartment complex in Fort Smith burns twice, in just over a week.

The former "Village Apartments" complex caught fire again Wednesday morning (July 23), at 3:40 a.m., according to Battalion Chief Mark Talley. That complex is located at the intersection of 36th and Kinkead near Tilles Park.

Multiple people saw large amounts of smoke coming from the complex early Wednesday morning and called authorities, according to Talley.

Crews worked for several hours to get the fire put out.

This is the second time in eight days that the complex has caught fire.

Last Tuesday, crews also responded to a fire at the complex. One apartment was destroyed in that fire.  At the time, investigators said they weren't sure what caused the fire. All of the electric inside the building was turned off years ago, according to authorities.

Fort Smith Fire, Police and EMS were all on scene both times, as crews worked to get the fire put out.

The Fire Marshal is now investigating what could have caused the fire to spark. He's also working to determine if the two fires are connected.

Authorities on scene said they are concerned the fires could be arson-related; however, at this point, authorities have not ruled arson as the cause of either fire.


  • 5-o electric on in years but it’s burned twice in a week! Think it might be arson maybe?
    Time to get the dozer out and flatten that eye sore.

  • Bill C

    Fort Smith is looking just like Detroit Michigan. All the jobs got ran off by law suits over the environment. Now the town falls into decay. 2 out of every 3 houses will be empty. Houses will be $1000.

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