Arrest Warrant Issued For Fort Smith Shooting Suspect

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - An arrest warrant has been issued for a suspect in a Fort Smith shooting case that took place on Wednesday morning (July 23), police said.

Authorities have issued the warrant for Stacy Lisenbery on suspicion of first-degree battery. Lisenbery was last seen driving a gold SUV, according to police.

The shooting left one woman hospitalized with a non-life threatening injury, police said.

The woman identified as Elisa Nakedhead was shot once inside a duplex on Phoenix Avenue near South 70th Street just before 7 a.m., police said. Investigators said it was unclear what type of gun was used in the incident.

Lisenbery is from Stilwell, Okla., was being sought early Wednesday in connection with the shooting.

Meanwhile, Brett Pearson, identified as the man who rents the apartment where the incident happened, has been arrested on suspicion that he hindered the investigation, police said.

Neighbors said they heard at least two gunshots go off in that area and then saw a sport utility vehicle with an Oklahoma license plate speeding away from the site.

Authorities said they were originally called to the scene for a hit-and-run accident, but once they arrived, they determined a shooting had happened.



  • Hondo

    So be on the lookout for a man driving an SUV with Oklahoma tags…how many of those come across the Garrison Avenue Bridge?

  • nicole

    Well those people what live there *Bret* are bad druggies and have 2 kids there what need to be taking away and that scene was probably about drugs.

    • unbelievable

      Most of these incidents can be directly linked to drugs. It’s time people woke up. I can assure you I was not innocent when it came to drinking and smoking some pot back in the day but I grew up and became a responsible adult. Most of these people just live off the system. The female gets pregnant and lives on welfare and the worthless druggie boyfriends live with them for free.

      • Arnold Fudpucker

        Yet when some responsible person suggests the idea of requiring drug testing gubbamint benefit recipients, before and during, your get the wailing and whining from the libs. Not fair they say but they forget that this lifestyle of living off the gubbamint tit is not fair to the taxpayer. Until the responsible people of this country stand up and say enough already we will continue to slide down the tube of ruin.

  • 5-o

    Yeah, that’s actually a bad neighborhood right there on 70th street and Jackson street area. A lot of the Katrina people were placed in those apartment housing units. A lot of drug activity and worthless people live on that street. It’s went down hill pretty quick. I use to work at the glass shop right there on the corner so I know. And god forbid these people use the traffic light to cross Phoenix, they walk down past the light and then j-walk . In fact they reported this story as a hit and run at first so that’s what I thought right away another j-walker got hit. These shootings will probably happen again in that area.

  • nicole

    I use to live at that house and that guy does nothing but meth and that was over that and I feel so sorry for the two little boys in that home they don’t have a mom either she is in jail. Somebody needs get dhs on him.

    • Alli

      Since you know the children live there, YOU should report it! (Not being rude—just saying don’t wait for someone else to do it). He, (Brett), was arrested, so surely the children were taken into custody.

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