Arrest Warrant Issued For Fort Smith Shooting Suspect

FORT SMITH (KFSM) – An arrest warrant has been issued for a suspect in a Fort Smith shooting case that took place on Wednesday morning (July 23), police said.

Authorities have issued the warrant for Stacy Lisenbery on suspicion of first-degree battery. Lisenbery was last seen driving a gold SUV, according to police.

The shooting left one woman hospitalized with a non-life threatening injury, police said.

The woman identified as Elisa Nakedhead was shot once inside a duplex on Phoenix Avenue near South 70th Street just before 7 a.m., police said. Investigators said it was unclear what type of gun was used in the incident.

Lisenbery is from Stilwell, Okla., was being sought early Wednesday in connection with the shooting.

Meanwhile, Brett Pearson, identified as the man who rents the apartment where the incident happened, has been arrested on suspicion that he hindered the investigation, police said.

Neighbors said they heard at least two gunshots go off in that area and then saw a sport utility vehicle with an Oklahoma license plate speeding away from the site.

Authorities said they were originally called to the scene for a hit-and-run accident, but once they arrived, they determined a shooting had happened.



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