Severe Winds Slam Chaffee Crossing

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Winds close to 100 mph swept through Chaffee Crossing Wednesday (July 23).

Multiple buildings were destroyed according to the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.

Ken Feltner's shop was seriously damaged.

"We've got junk that's turned over,” said Feltner. “It's pretty sickening that's all I can say."

Feltner has been renting a building for storage in Chaffee Crossing for the past eight years.

"State of shock with nowhere to put all this stuff," Feltner said.

Feltner said the stuff includes his prized possessions including two Corvettes and a boat.

"That's a nice four runner sitting here under the garage door," Feltner said.

Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck said there were no injuries reported.

"I spoke to the National Weather Service and they're telling me that it was straight-line winds,” Hollenbeck said. “They'll be sending somebody here tomorrow to confirm that or to assess to see if there was a short spin up of a possible tornado."

As for Feltner he said he will salvage what he can.

"For the most part I'm still all in one piece so that's kind of the way it works," Feltner said.