Two Men Arrested In Booneville Homicide Investigation

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BOONEVILLE (KFSM) - Two men have been arrested by Booneville police in a homicide investigation.

Booneville residents said a fight broke out in the middle of the 500 block of West 4th Street on Tuesday afternoon (July 22).

Witnesses told 5NEWS that 40-year-old Greg Kennedy was beaten with a crowbar.

Kennedy was later taken to a local hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead.

"It's terrible. . . I've never seen anything like it," said Neil Spencer, a neighbor.

"This other girl who lives over here on this last house called Greg up about some drugs or something, and they robbed him and beat him up," said Spencer.

He continued, "I [saw] Greg Kennedy with blood coming out of every part of his body, his ears, his eyes, and his mouth.”

The Booneville Police Department, Logan County Sheriff's Office and Arkansas State Police are still investigating the case as a homicide.


  • sabrina

    I care that is sumones father brother son you are ridiculous for saying that how would I feel if it was ir family and sumone said that to you

  • Tracy

    You saw. You watched as several and did nothing. All are just as guilty as the ones that did it!!! And I care as well as many others!

  • Jackson

    I’d like to know who it was. Wonder if its that trashy Hickox guy? He has a violent past and lives right in that neighborhood. Dopehead/Drunk/Child Abuser is what he is. Scum of the earth “Bum”!

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