VIDEO: Windstorm Destroys Buildings at Chaffee Crossing

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Update: The National Weather Service in Tulsa will be reviewing the damage today. New video obtained by 5NEWS shows an apparent circulation similar to a gustnado over the area at the same time damage was taking place. We'll have the new video and any new information from the NWS tonight at 5 & 6pm and as-it-happens here on the website.   

A large windstorm moved from north to south from southern Missouri to Louisiana causing widespread wind damage across Arkansas & Oklahoma. This iVIDEO is from Bobby Zolliecoffer, he was near Fort Chaffee when the straight-line winds hit and shared video of the buildings and the roof being thrown into the air. As many as 8 buildings were destroyed. Winds were measured at 66mph at Fort Smith Regional Airport. It's likely the winds gusted from 75 to 100mph in the Chaffee area as the buildings were destroyed.