Rogers Police Seek McDonalds Theft Suspect

McDonalds Theft Suspect

ROGERS (KFSM) – The Rogers Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying a McDonalds theft suspect, according to a post on their Facebook page.

On July 20, the suspect pictured at right entered the McDonalds at 4208 S. Pleasant Crossing Blvd., in Rogers, the post states.

The suspect ordered $18 worth of food and then paid for the merchandise with a $100 bill, according to the post.

The cashier gave the suspect $82 in change without actually collecting the $100 bill, and then the suspect left with the food, the $100 bill and the extra $82, the post states.

The suspect was driving a white car pictured below. If anyone has information on the suspect’s identity, they are encouraged to call the Rogers Police Department at 479-636-4141. They may also call the Crimestoppers tip line at 790-TIPS.

McDonalds Theft Suspect 2


  • Ahzz

    You got to be kidding me! Mickey D’s employee/cashier DIDN’T” take the $100 bills FIRST, before handing out the $82! Big mistake on their part! I hope they find this “Big Mama/Big Mac Thief” and the incompentent employee learns a lesson here!

  • Ted

    It’s really great that Rogers police are giving this crime the attention it deserves with a Facebook post. Maybe next they can use Twitter to find people running red lights or use a sepia-toned filter in Instagram for all their cold case photos. Are they still using Myspace to check on gang activity?

  • Lucy

    Cashier’s fault for not paying attention. People will rip you right off if you aren’t careful. No one these days is honest enough to let someone know they made a mistake. Now this woman just made off with an 82 dollar mistake.

  • Bill C

    Not that this is a “real” crime, but Rogers is in the midst of a great gang take over. Police need to the utilize the limited resources they have to try and “fry bigger fish”.

    This is a total waste of tax payer dollars. What about all the unsolved crimes in Rogers, don’t those unsolved murders deserve attention?

  • Mike

    If she didn’t give the cashier the hundred then how did the cashier now how much change to give her.

  • Mark Smith

    If I were the woman pictured above, I would sue McDonald’s and Channel 5 news! This was clearly a McDonald’s employee mistake. To condemn the woman without knowing intent is shameful!!!!

  • Dawn

    Seriously. Focus on real crimes and not on cashier error. The Hamburglar shouldn’t be punished. Lol.

  • my2cents

    That happened to me at a convenience store in Oklahoma, I was buying a few items and ask the young lady if she could break a $100 bill? She said yes and next thing I know she was handing me change from $100, and the bill was only like 7 dollars so it’s like this story. She gave me like 93 dollars in change before I gave her the money.
    At any rate I did the right thing and handed her the $100 bill, she didn’t say anything but she knew she messed up.

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