Bike Program Expands, Volunteers Needed

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- The Fayetteville School District bought 520 bikes after it received a $170,000 grant from the Walton Family Foundation, The Fayetteville Public Education Foundation and the Endeavor Foundation.

On Friday (July 25), volunteers will be assembling the bikes at Vandergriff Elementary and the school district needs volunteers to get the bikes ready for the first day of classes.

The Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks has partnered with the school district in the past to provide the bike safety program to students. However, the grant is expanding that program.

"The bikes will be used in the physical education classes as a part of the P.E. curriculum throughout the year and also in some of the clubs," said Holly Johnson, director of development.  "We hope to see the creation of some cycling clubs within the schools, so it gives the students another activity to do in a club situation as well as learn about how to ride and be safe in P.E."

"It just adds to the overall health of our student body,” she said.

The program is provided to students from 3rd grade to seniors in high school. Students will learn safety skills, how to ride a bike and the city's trail system.

Johnson said she likes to see the interaction students have with the bike program.

"Just watching the excitement of the students when they get out and ride outside and learn about how to turn left, how to turn right, and how to put the breaks on," Johnson said. "It adds a special thing to their P.E. class, but it also adds a little bit to their life as well.”

The bikes were ordered locally from Highroller Cyclery, Lewis & Clark Outfitters, Phat Tire Bike Shop, and The Bike Route.

 Volunteer dates:

  • Friday, July 25th, 9am-2pm
    Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
  • Saturday, July 26th, 9am-2pm
    Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
    ALLPS Campus- Cafeteria
  • Monday, July 28th, 9am-2pm
    ALLPS Campus- Cafeteria
  • Tuesday, July 29th, 9am-2pm
    ALLPS Campus- Cafeteria
  • Wednesday, July 30th, 9am-2pm
    Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
  • Thursday, July 31st, 9am-2pm
    Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
  • Friday, July 26th, 9am-2pm
    Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym