EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan – The Chemistry

Our sister station, WGN America, will soon premiere a new drama series called “Manhattan.” It focuses on the building of the atomic bomb, known as the Manhattan Project, and the lives of everyone involved.

According to the cast of “Manhattan,” working on this project is a dream come true.

“When I heard Olivia Williams was cast - I am such a huge fan and have been for so long,” John Benjamin Hickey (“Frank Winter") said. “I was like wow, the bar got raised even further, and it's a dream come true.”

Nearly everyone agrees, the chemistry on set is incredible.

“There's something about this group of people that sort of connected almost immediately. That translates on screen, and it jumps storytelling so fast because there were already so many relationships that just happened. And that's a needle in a haystack,” director Thomas Schlamme said.

“This is kind of a rare experience where we all socialize quite a bit. We actually like each other, and we're not just pretending to,” Christopher Denham (“Jim Meeks") said.

It’s just another way this project has brought so much joy to everyone involved.

“It's really exciting to walk onto a set and feel like everything is right,” Alexia Fast ("Callie Winter") said.

“It's been a great summer. It's probably good that we're all working at different times, so we don't spend too much time together, so we haven't gotten bored with each other just yet,” Harry Lloyd ("Paul Crosley") said laughing.

“It's this ensemble that we all pass the ball back and forth. You have a big week this week, and I've got a little week, etc. And it's really a true artistic experience in that way and not just a commercial endeavor. So it's a beautiful thing,” Daniel stern ("Glen Babbit") said.

“Manhattan” premieres Sunday, July 27th at 9/8c on WGN.

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