Identities Of Booneville Homicide Suspects Released

BOONEVILLE (KFSM) – The identities of the three suspects thought to be involved in a Booneville murder case have been released, according to court documents.

William L. Strickland, 32, of Branch, John H. Massey, Jr., 40, of Booneville, and James R. Lane, 33, of Booneville were all arrested in connection with the homicide case that occurred on July 22, court documents state.

Greg Kennedy, 40, of Booneville was killed on the afternoon of July 22, authorities said. Witnesses told 5NEWS that Kennedy was beaten with a crowbar.

On July 22, the Logan County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 call from medical personnel at the Booneville Community Hospital concerning Kennedy. He had been transported by a private vehicle after an attack, court documents state.

Authorities received a call after Kennedy was pronounced dead, stating that the suspects involved were all staying at the Holiday Capris Hotel at 630 W. Main St. in Booneville, according to court documents.

After entering the motel room, Strickland and Lane were arrested, court documents state. Massey was also later taken into custody.

Witnesses told authorities they saw Kennedy pulled out of his vehicle by an unknown man later identified as Strickland and Lane. They beat him with their bare hands. Kennedy got away momentarily and started to run, but he was chased down by Lane and Strickland and knocked to the ground. They continued to attack him for approximately 5-8 minutes, according to court documents.

After that, the attackers left in Massey’s vehicle, court documents state.

During the interview, authorities noticed Strickland had a blood stain on his right leg and a long scratch on his upper chest. He provided a DNA swab of his hands, according to court documents.

Lane also allowed authorities to take a DNA swab of his hands. His jeans had blood stains on both legs, and he also had a blood stain on the top of his white shirt, court documents state.

Massey agreed to provide a statement concerning the attack, and he said he knew Lane and Strickland were both upset with Kennedy, according to court documents.

Massey told authorities that Kennedy helped beat up Strickland’s pregnant girlfriend, and when he saw Kennedy in Booneville, he went to the motel that Strickland and Lane were staying at and told them Kennedy’s location, court documents state.

He said he knew where Kennedy was if “they were still wanting him,” according to court documents.

The three left in Massey’s vehicle, and Strickland and Lane proceeded to attack Kennedy for what he did to Strickland’s girlfriend, Massey told authorities.

He said Kennedy “got what he deserved,” court documents state.

Lane was booked into the Logan County Jail and faces a charge of first-degree murder, according to court documents.

Massey was also booked into the Logan County Jail, and he faces a charge of first-degree murder, court documents state.

Strickland was booked into the Crawford County Jail for prior charges, authorities said.

He faces charges of first-degree murder, theft of property, fleeing and is also being kept on a parole hold, according to deputies.


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